Chanel the Chihuahua is full of chihuahua wisdom

Chanel the Chihuahua diva

This blog is mainly a conversation between me and my well intentioned owner. My humans call me Chanel. Rather chic and fitting, I’d say. This dog is no ordinary canine. For those who don’t know me, I am a teacup chihuahua (because you know there needed to be smaller chihuahuas in this world!) But never mind that, what I lack in stature, I make up in spirit (and personality!) What matters is the wisdom I have gained experiencing the world from my particular perspective.

My Chihuahua family is very important to me. In my blog, you’ll meet the whole familia – Mami and Papi Chihuahua from West Palm; my sisters in Jupite (Florida, not the planet. Though that is sometimes debatable); my other sister Chihuahuas in Kansas City and her adopted seeester; even my “big brother,” Tigger, a.k.a Señor Cato, who lives here with me in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. We’re a close family, loud, opinionated and outspoken.

Lee Glynn, Chanel the Chihuahua Diva's mom


On the human side of the family there is Mom, a web designer, artist and multimedia producer who tries to keep up with me and her other project DaisyButtonAdventures.com; Dad, a videographer who works in broadcasting, carries me like a football and loves to spoil me, though he’d never admit that I’ve got him wrapped around my little paw; our girl, a ballet dancer and college student whom we all miss very much; and my boy, a music-loving guitar player and awesome back scratcher who is now a senior in high school.

So visit us here often or sign up for updates. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to email me, Chicos. I love to hear from my amigos. I also love to chat with my friends on facebook and twitter so look me up. And remember, chihuahuas rule. The sooner we all agree the better, darlings. You’ll see!


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