A wise Chihuahua always says “Animals will never cease to surprise you”

January 29, 2011 § 4 Comments

You may have seen the gorilla in the UK who seems perfectly comfortable walking upright like a human. One news report even got cute with the video and put together a nice little sequence to the “Walks like a Man” tune by Franky Valli. Apparently, This gorilla’s mother and father used to stand and walk as well, though not as well as Ambam does. And though he is the biggest in his group, apparently he does not go about bullying or proving his superiority. If you haven’t seen him, check out the story of Ambam, an endangered Western lowland gorilla on CBSNews.

Animals will never cease to amaze us. Now if we (the humans) get a little smarter, perhaps we can help some animals in dire need of a chance to prove their smarts and their worth. I got a message on my Facebook profile from a group, aheartandhand.org, that has set out to help shelter dogs by training them to become service animals. Being trained will allow these perfectly lovable dogs “to help people with disabilities and give both person and dog a second chance at life.” I couldn’t agree more. PAWSOMEST IDEA EVER!!!! So please support this cause by going to the Facebook page, “liking” their cause and perhaps taking the pledge to invite your friends that share your love for dogs.

Here’s their Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Heart-and-Hand-Foundation/172834826071124

And their program description: http://aheartandhand.org/homeless-dogs-need-jobs/

It seems to me this notion is more than worth a try. I’d love to see this training program catch on like wildfire in shelters across the nation. Let’s help spread the word for the cause!!

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Chihuahua smooshy face

January 28, 2011 § 3 Comments

Do you ever get smooshy face? You know, it is when one side of your face looks like you got half-off on a face lift. When your chin seems to have disappeared from under your lip. When you look like you have a split personality — once side is stuck looking like you are smiling and squinting while the other side is still sleepy and looking perplexed at your human wondering, “What? What’s so funny?”

No picking on the sleepy Chihuahua, please

Well, every now and then, when I’ve been sleeping on Mama’s lap awhile and I suddenly look up at her, she just starts to giggle and squeeze my face and babble on in her “Blah-blah” language. I’ve picked up on a few comments, none of which seem flattering:

Ooooooo, Chanelly (one of my many adorable nicknames) blah – blah – blah – so cute!   Blah – blah- blah- blah- blah- so funny!  Ha, ha, Chanelly, blah – blah – blah – blah – blah like a Smurf

I ask you, Amigos, you know how humans can get hat head, morning chicken do’s, and pillow-face. And we, noble sidekicks that we are, never poke fun or judge them – at least not outwardly. Well, I don’t think my Mama can contain herself and take that high road. My mama just gets a wicked kick out of my little, old, chinless elf face. I’ve heard names like Yoda, leprechaun, platypus and E.T. Oh, the jokes just never end. Mama has such a delightful sense of humor, doesn’t she.

And while she laughs and amuses herself, I’m thinking, “Oh yes, har dee har har … so funny. What’s that? You need me to move? You gotta go to the bathroom? REALLY?” Yaaaaaawn … Streeeeeetch. “What? You REEEEEEEALLY have to go to work now? Hmmmm … I’m just not feeling it. Talk to the paw ’cause the smooshy face ain’t listening!”

Heh, heh, look who is all happy and giggly now. Not budging, Chica!

Another segment of The Intrepid Chihuahua Newshound report

January 25, 2011 § 4 Comments

Feeling like that old song says, “I always feel like, somebody’s watching meeeeeee … ” ?  Well, heh, heh, it is because us critters, we are eeeeverywherrrre!

And to prove my point, there are certainly plenty of critters in the news today. So I thought I’d share a few interesting anipal stories with my chicos.

First and foremost, we can start the 1 week countdown to the release of the Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 movie! Available in DVD Feb. 1st 🙂 Oh there is mucho cuteness coming your way. Check it out:

Oh and if you are getting any ideas about complaining, watch out Pops! I have a feeling that should you ever try the “It’s the Chihuahua or me” ultimatum with my Mama, I know which side of this poll she’d fall under 🙂 The survey numbers as reported by NPR say 84% said they would stick with their significant other vs 14% who chose the pet. But they didn’t ask me and my Mama.

There was also some ridiculous news today warning pet owners that sleeping with their significant four-leggeds posed some health risks — even the Bubonic plague. Really? Are you kidding me?!?!?! Compared to all that people are exposed to EVERYDAY when they leave us to go to work and school? I believe a fellow blogger, Snoring Dog Studio, has taken up the issue and confronted it well. ‘Nough said!

Thankfully there are plenty of humans that understand us critters and true love. How about the story of Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick, an amazing vet from Surrey, England who is devoting much of his life’s work to helping pets with the latest technology. These new bionic critters have gotten a second chance at life thanks to an amazing big human heart.

Similarly, Ann Weaver, an animal behaviorist living here in my neck of Tampa Bay, has been watching over coastline construction and how it has impacted “255 of her closest research subjects,” bottle nosed dolphins. Cool story on Tampabay.com. Lesson learned? Maybe if we take the time we can all learn to coexist. I’m glad someone is looking after my buds the dolphins. I love it when we go for walks by the waterfront and they look up at me and wink.

That’s my report for tonight. Signing off from the living room couch, I say good night, chicos!

Thought for the day: Staying warm

January 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

Ay caramba, Chicos! Que pasa with this cold?!?

BRRRRRR! Que frio here in Florida again this weekend! What gives?!?!?

Mom and I were shivering as we watched the morning weather reports. EEeeeeek! Those nice Today Show anchors were freezing in New York too and passing out hand warmers for the crowd. And it got me thinking, so if they can make little hand warmers that you can stick in your gloves, could someone get busy coming up with Chihuahua warmers? I’m sure I’m not the only Chihuahua that lives in a house with tile floors. And when the thermometer plunges like it did today here in Florida … Ay, Caramba (plus a few other choice words!) You try it, chicos!

The Snuggy that Mom got me kinda works keeping me warm, heinous as it may be. But it does nothing for my tender, um … well … ah, butt.

I could picture pretty little pantaloons with a stylish little pocket on the rear so we can put one of those warmers in to keep my posterior warm! I could even see a line for every occasion — sporty ones for walks around the neighborhood, stretchy ones to help you appear slim and trim, designer chic for social gatherings. The possibilities are endless.

I’ll be taking calls if anyone wants to partner up on this.


P.S. It is time for the Saturday blog hop. At least this is something I can do and safely staying warm. Grab a nice cup of hot chocolate, find a warm lap and check out these pet bloggers.

Chihuahua move: the hovercraft

January 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

Look Ma! No hands!!

Overhead demonstration

Mama calls this the “hovercraft.” I think we have established that she’s a bit of a sci-fi fan. But play along with us. I call it the “nice and toasty belly for me!”

To achieve this optimum state of bliss, I jump up on Mama’s lap, and paw and claw away any wrinkles on whatever she is wearing for maximum comfort. Then I circle two or three times over the landscape to identify the perfect spot upon which to plop. It is a zen-feng shui thing. Next, I lay down and proceed to tuck in all of my appendages — leg, bat ears and tail (I read somewhere that 50 percent of chihuahua body heat is lost via the ever-wagging tail — an issue we might have to take up with the manufacturer.)

Then, to maximize heat-generation, I tuck my nose in a little too. Nice even breathing exhausts produce a gentle, steady, steamy warmth. Last, I the settle into a meditative state — snoring is allowed — and ponder upon the great mysteries of life.

Aside from the obvious benefits, I believe this “hovercrafting” is very aerodynamic, leaves a very small footprint on the environment, and like the great pyramids af Egypt, this assures me an optimal tipping-resistant position to rival any opposing force of physics. Trust me, this IS proven to resist Mama’s repeated attempts at shaking me off with weak claims at “Mama has to go to work” or “Mama needs to move her legs.” HA!

The “hovercraft” move is of course not to be confused with the regal “La Sphinx!” Separate demo on this to follow.

"La Sphinx"

The “hovercraft” move is of course not to be confused with the regal “La Sphinx!” Separate demo on this to follow.

This Chihuahua moviephile LOOOOOVES Star Wars

January 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

So Mama and I are admitted moviephiles/couch potatoes. The thing is that we love to curl up on the sofa with a bowl of snackies to watch a good movie. And now that our girl is off to college, well Mom and I are best movie buddies. The boys just don’t get that much into this like us Chicas. We are simply suckers for romantic comedies. We’re love being on the edge of our seat watching a good mystery. We boo-hoo shamelessly through period pieces. And well, we can’t resist putting on a lively performance of our own during musicals. Of course I must confess I don’t really get all that is going on in the movies, but I totally understand my Mama and when she is happy I’m happy.

I’d say most of all, we love epic fantasy and adventure. From Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings to STAR WARS, we could (and do) watch these movies over and over again. We ARE the biggest fans EVER!

It about killed me when Mama went with the kids to that new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando and couldn’t take me. I’ll never understand why are pets not allowed  We’ve written to Mr. Universal about the issue and expect special dispensation any day now. I mean, Mama brought home Harry Potter wands, a time-turner, Hedwig and Norbert the dragon puppets, Butter Beer mugs, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, some yummy fudge flies and even a rain poncho since it happened to pour while they were there. I may not know what any of those things are really about but I DO know shopping. Imagine if I had been there to shop too!

Well today, one of Mama’s coworkers shared a link to these new Star Wars bobble heads! Heh, heh, I thought we Chihuahuas had the corner on the adorable bobble heads market but … Ohhhh … thaaaaa … cutenessssss!!!!!!!! Mama says I even look a little like the Yoda one. I think he is the cute little green guy. Heh, heh, “check them out, you must!”

Available from shop.starwars.com

Let’s see, we need one for Valentines Day and one for Easter. Then there is Mother’s Day and Mama’s Birthday shortly there after. One for Fourth of July (and why not, there was plenty of Rebel spirit and all that aboard the Millenium Falcon); these would certainly be better than candy for Halloween; and well, it is never too soon to start Christmas shopping. Seven fab gifts for Mama and I. Let the Force be with us.

To all my friends and family let me just say:

Hint, hint!!

Be the Change for Animals

January 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Chanel the chuhuahua is full of chihuahua wisdom

Share the love, Chicos

Just a quick note to help spread the word. If you are a fellow pet blogger, please consider joining the Be The Change for Animals effort and help raise awareness to your favorite Animal Cause. You need to start today, but I don’t think ANYONE will mind if you keep adding and sharing 😉

I’m going to start my list here:

Suncoast Animal League and my Facebook pal Paka Cat

Nowzad dogs and my Facebook pal Kilo Gibbs

Friends of Strays in St. Petersburg, Florida

Humane Society of Pinellas in Clearwater, Florida

Greyhound Adoption Tampa Bay

Tag, you’re it. Pass it on!!

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