In my Chihuahua dreams …

June 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve had plenty of dreams in which I am chasing the pesky squirrels in the yard. And many more in which I, for once, am bigger than my Kitty Cato so the world can clearly see WHO’S tha boss. But have you ever dreamt that you could fly? I sure have …

La Super Chica flies again!

I have those dreams all the time, chicos. Mama says she can tell because I stretch my front paws out like Superman … Whooooosh, and away I go!

Sometimes I am la Super Chica, defender of the very small and righteous!!  Those are great adventures to be sure, but they are another story. Other times, and maybe its because it is so hot here in Florida right now, I fly far, far away to other exotic lands  … (cue dreamlike music now.)

I go to Paris, of course with Mama. Naturally, we indulge in some haute couture shopping along the Champs. Heh, heh, like mother, like daughter. When our feet can’t take another step, we take a moment to relax and do some lovely people watching at chic sidewalk cafes. At least in my dreams I can indulge in those chocolate croissants. And then, all recovered and re-energized, we take in a lovely stroll through Mom’s favorite park, the Luxembourg Gardens, where I meet myself a MUY handsome monsieur … Oooo, la, la, Pierrrrrrrre!!

Other times I apparate in Britain, once again with Mama. I can’t help it. All the Harry Potter movies Mama makes us watch, I mean I so enjoy watching with Mom, do have an impact on my impressionable mind. So we rent ourselves a small but chic European sportscar (convertible of course) and we take off to explore the countryside, touring castles and legendary sites. We dine in very proper pubs and appropriately toast the Queen, all the while keeping an eye out for fancy hats and fascinators. But with all due respect, I have not been able to make that look work for me, even in my dreams! Seriously!!

Then there are my voyages to Egypt, and yes, once again with Mama in tow (I think you get the picture here). In this mysterious land we tour ancient sites on camelback. Funny critters, those camels. They have a veeeery strange look in those big, penetrating eyes. I’ve heard theories about aliens helping the ancient egyptians to build those magnificent pyramids. Personally, I think the “aliens” are still there in the form of those wacky dromedaries. Well, after some shish kabobs and mesmerizing lute music under the desert sky, we stumble upon a lost era … fascinating, awesome mysteries for my fancy imagination to imagine.

Oh, I can dream, my amigos. I can dream. What do you dream about?


Chihuahua Adventures: Puppy neighborhood association meeting

March 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

We had ourselves an impromptu neighborhood association meeting during today’s walk. And who can blame us. We can’t resist the urge to share the latest gossip.

And now for the board minutes:

Samson checking member ID's 😉

Have you seen Mr 1876’s new landscaping? Muy nice. I can’t wait to “explore” all over that flower bed!

Did you hear that Mr. and Mrs. 1745 have a loose board on their backyard fence? We can go visit Jesse anytime and no one will know! Partyyyyy! I’ll bring the Cheerios!

Cupcake is chairperson of the welcoming committee

Yeah, the bunnies have been looking for a yard to nest in again. Be on the look out! A whole bunch of them jumped out of the ground all of a sudden the other day and almost gave me a heart attack!

There have been various reports by the neighborhood watch committee about the pesky squirrels getting a little rambunctious lately. Maybe it is the spring, maybe it is the pollen. Do you guys have your despicable squirrels under control? Ours have gotten a little brazen lately. They’ve been throwing acorns down at me from the roof. Why I oughta …

Heh, heh, a meeting of the minds

Hey, did you guys notice Fluffy the poodle’s new hair do? No, don’t stare!! Ah …  rather unfortunate, I’d say. And this humidity is not helping. But thankfully, it will grow back out 😉 No, just wave and smile like everything is OK.

Ciao, bellos. Same time tomorrow then.

Whoops, how could I forget! Happy Saturday Pet Blog Hop!!

Chihuahua vision

January 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

In keeping with the positive thoughts and hopes for the new year, Mom decided to work on something called a “vision” poster. I didn’t really know what it was all about, but I figured I’d get into this arts and crafts project with her so we could spend some quality time together. Besides, Mom seemed kind of excited about it, and in my world this level of excitement is usually associated with food, so I thought there might be something yummy in it for me.

So I used my mind-reading powers on her and picked up some bits and pieces. I think you’re basically supposed to think about things that you would like to see happen in your life — dreams, wishes, goals. Then you find pretty peeeeectures of those things in magazines, cut them out and put together a “big” picture to inspire you. Oh, my chicos, I could soooooooo get into this!!

So while Mom was day dreaming about spending more time with the family, world travel and having her own creative freelance business, I thought up some grand ideas of my own:

1. I wanted to start by wishing for happy homes for all my pet amigos out there who need families. I’m a very lucky, Chica. Friends, if you don’t have a pet in your life, consider pet adoption – I promise it will be an awesome journey on a two-way street full of love. Let’s all help spread the word.

2. Then, rather than chasing the fountain of youth, I’d like to look into a fountain of perpetual Cheerios. Just imagine it — beautiful golden Cheerios raining down on me … cascading … sprinkling through the air. What a beautiful vision indeed. Maybe there could even be one in every home. Now, wouldn’t that make the world a better place 😉

3. Next, I figured I could use a jet-setting, special Chihuahua passport so I can travel with Mama. If she’s looking to have more travel in her life, this Princess needs her proper documentation. I no likey when she has to leave me behind. Ugh, shudder at the thought. And besides, I’d love to be able to visit some of my facebook friends from all over the world. Oh, and of course, I’ll be needing some matching luggage then.

4. It would be simply lovely to have my own massage therapist. Well, actually just Mom as my dedicated belly and noggin scratcher. All this exciting new creative work in her life will mean I have to share her attention. In my perfect world, Mom would have assistants to type up our blog posts, work on our social outreach and help with the production of her other works and designs. Maybe we could get one of those nice iPads to oversee things while she and I snuggle comfortably on the couch. Ooooo, ooooo, and we could also use it to Skype with our kids when they are off to college. I’d really like that. I miss our chicos too much.

5. OK, so I have to include one guilty pleasure — maybe just a leeeetle bliiiiiiiiiing!!!! And of course, muchos haute couture pretty dresses for the Chica to accessorize.

6. Finally, I can picture stardom in my life. SERIOUSLY!! All this cuteness can no longer be kept a secret. This Princess was NOT meant to remain an undiscovered treasure. It is Hollywood for me, Baby!

OK, that sounds about right to start the year. But I of course reserve the right to upgrade. Heh, heh. Now here is my fabulous masterpiece. What do you think?

Urgent! Chihuahua Christmas shopping tip

December 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Psst, Psst, amigos! OMG, you gotta get your Mom  some of these for Christmas!!

OK, so you know those extra soft plushy toys and blankets that almost feel like a chenille throw? Or those college blankets that are extra thick and fluffy and warm? Now, picture this … Christmas-themed pajama pants for your favorite human in that heavenly fabric! Then think of this … ahhhh, pause to hear the angels sing … curling up on that lap!!!!!

I now know what they mean by the "Lap of Luxury."

It’s like Mama IS the blankey –  all warm and toasty and soft. I didn’t think I could love her more, but I DO! And I neeeever want to get up from here. Seriously, she has to push me off her hap these days. Well, has to keep trying, several times 🙂

I don’t know where she got them, but I think it was on the internets.  My dear amigos, just be sure to put them on your Christmas list and make sure Santa knows what good chicos and chicas you’ve been all year.

Going ... going ...

Mucho love and keeeeesses,

... gone 🙂 Happy Christmas dreams XOXOXO


Follow the sunny spot, find the Chihuahua

December 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

Mom says I’d make a good sundial. I say, WHATEVER! If it works, don’t knock it, Chica!

You see, there is a lovely high window in our family room. And as the bright Florida sun shines in throughout the day, we (el Cato and I) get to bask in the warm glow that pours in. I have been known to follow that sunny spot as it moves across the room through the afternoon. Personally I think of my napping style as a well strategized, energy-efficient, environmentally-conscious effort to keep this Chica nice and toasty. Plus it gives my coat some lovely highlights, au naturel!

So as long as Mama was going to document this, I thought we’d publish it as step-by-step “How to” for all the chilly Chihuahuas out there experiencing inclement winter weather. Maybe even as a goodwill gesture to all creatures, big and small during this Holiday Season.

Step 1 - Find the spot. Lie down and try to relax. Count squirrels if needed to help you doze off.

Step 2 - Snore, wiggle your paws and twitch your ears as needed. Reposition yourself at 30-minute intervals, and repeat. Reclining on a nice soft blanky to maximize the radiant heat is recommended.

Step 3 - Be particularly cautious near the edge of the couch and as you approach the arm rest.

Step 4: Employ plenty of deep sighs to equalize body temperatures if you can't quite squeeze all of yourself into the spot.

Oh, sunny spot,

oh, sunny spot,

how I love thee 🙂

Hold on to your caballos!

August 8, 2010 § 2 Comments

Zedonk (seen on ABCNews)

Mommy and I were enjoying our peaceful Sunday morning, sipping some cafe con leche, when we saw this amazing story on TV. Somewhere in Georgia, a zebra Papi and a donkey Mama got together and they made a Zedonk! A cute little princess with the muy chic markings on her lovely long legs. Check her out!! I can see this all over the streets of Paris this winter – zebra-stripped leggings and tufted earmuffs!

So this got me thinking. What would the world be like if we were to spread a little Chihuahua magnificence around. How about the mightiness of a jaguar and the sharp cunning of a Chihuahua. No chasing our food, we’d charm it right over. Move over lions, there would be a new queen of tha’ jungle! Rrrrrr … Or maybe a Monkihuahua with my nose for delectable goodies and monkey fingers to finally help myself to all the goodness.  How about a hoppity BunChi? Chihuahua + Bunny fluffballs that get to munch all day long. ChiBambis, (you get it, Deer + Chihuahua) not that I need to be any more irresistibly sweet. ChiLlamas, soft, cuddly and warm in the winter. Kanghuahuas, Chacoons, ChiFoxies, all sound very marketable.

Ahhh, or the ultimate match – a lovely Chiraffe!! Just think of how easy it would be for me to get to those Cheerios on the counter. And the fashionable spots wouldn’t be bad either. Con mucho style and a lovely diamond choker, ooh, la, la!

There can never be too much Chihuahua in the mix! Heh, heh! But you know I’m kidding. No need to mess with Chihuahua perfection.

What do chihuahuas dream about?

May 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

Chanel the chihuahua is sleepingMy humans are always wondering what I dream about. What are the fantasies that make my little legs wiggle so much while I sleep that I upset all the covers (and all the humans in bed.)

This princess dreams of princes – secret crushes that I’ll deny if I’m ever confronted. Like the Geico Gecco – it’s his eyes!!!! Caramel colored  like me, big and luminous. I melt during those close ups. I know it would never work between us, but when I see him on TV I just can’t help myself. Or  the Taco Bell dog. His videos on youtube, ay Papi! And there is suave and debonair Duke, of Bush’s Baked beans fame.

And speaking of beans, there are the dreams about Mom’s rice, beans and picadillo. In my dreams I find myself running through fields of fluffy, yummy white rice. Leaping and chewing at the same time. I see dancing black beans, doing a rumba in my magical fiesta. Ah, and that saucy picadillo, so good it must be a sin. Deeeeeeeelectable!!!

And then there are the piñatas full of cheerios … the armies of adoring fans giving me belly scratches … lots of lovely pillows piled high in a warm, sunny patch by the window … and Mommy winning the lotery so we can live the high life traipsing through Europe! Ahhh, to nap 20 hours a day IS the life!!!

But eventually, my dreams end the same way – with that infernal squirrel!!! Only, in  my dreams, I can suddenly climb up the tree so that beastly pest can’t get away!! Aha!!!  You will feel the full fury of a mighty chihuahua.

No wonder I always wake up hungry! I’ve worked it out, baby. Now where are those cheerios?!?!

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