Chihuahua ears are a very effective high-technology, home defense system (no jokes, please!)

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Like all good chihuahua security agents, I don’t like loud noises (except those that I make!) Mama wonders if this is because of the swiveling “radar dishes” on top of our heads we refer to as ears. Being that I can hear a crumb drop on the kitchen floor from any room in the house, I’m pretty aware of all noise disturbances within my domain. She believes I am a little over sensitive. I’m just doing my job as high-tech, official protector of the household and its peeps.

Let me tell you about some of the worst offenders in my barrio:

GRRrrrr! In the ring, it is Chanel the Terror vs the creaky ironing board!

Take the vacuum cleaner – nasty, beastly contraption! I’ve explained my strong objections to its weekly appearances in MY house.

And don’t get me started on Mama’s espresso maker. We have nicknamed it The Dragon because it huffs and puffs scary steam and it is a formidable opponent that I must face every morning before I get my breakfast Cheerios. Not so good when the rest of the peeps want to sleep in. But I must do my job.

UGH! Then there is the 25-year-old-but-seldom-used-so-it-is-still-around ironing board that Dad insists on bringing out every once in a while. When he opens up it up, I MUST go berserk and defend my peeps from that screechy nuisance. I make mucho growling threats, get my hackles up (all the way down to my tail!) and run back and forth on the back of the couch (my official guard dog station) barking like the great threatening force that I am. The noise from this confrontation gets fierce, which makes Daddy yell and scream too. I guess I’m not scoring points with him on this either. Thankfully because Mama says ironing is against her religion, she doesn’t have witness this spectacle. But when things settle down and Dad finally gets to iron his dress shirts, all that remains of the commotion is him mumbling and grumbling funny things while I snort and walk away in victory.

As you can see, I am usually proud and in charge.


But this week I met my match!  We had some MAJOR storms go through our neighborhood – BIG thunder, hail, scary wind, sideways rain even tornadoes in some places nearby. Needless to say I was NOT a happy camper. I must admit I hid under the covers with our boy who was home during the day. And once Mama got home from work, I climbed on to her lap, gazed intently into her eyes for soothing. And though I kept one ear attuned to her, the other remained tuned in to all the crazy noises outside. Mama said I looked a little off kilter, in a Picasso kind of way.

Thank goodness Florida weather changes fairly quickly and we are now having a nice sunny weekend. And speaking of Picasso, we are headed to the much-anticipated Paws for the Arts event!! I will post a picture of my master creation when I come back. And maybe a photo or two. If you happen to be in Tampa Bay, do come out and join me!! And if you are not, enjoy some happy Saturday Pet Blog Hopping! Hasta luego, chicos!


Another segment of The Intrepid Chihuahua Newshound report

January 25, 2011 § 4 Comments

Feeling like that old song says, “I always feel like, somebody’s watching meeeeeee … ” ?  Well, heh, heh, it is because us critters, we are eeeeverywherrrre!

And to prove my point, there are certainly plenty of critters in the news today. So I thought I’d share a few interesting anipal stories with my chicos.

First and foremost, we can start the 1 week countdown to the release of the Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 movie! Available in DVD Feb. 1st 🙂 Oh there is mucho cuteness coming your way. Check it out:

Oh and if you are getting any ideas about complaining, watch out Pops! I have a feeling that should you ever try the “It’s the Chihuahua or me” ultimatum with my Mama, I know which side of this poll she’d fall under 🙂 The survey numbers as reported by NPR say 84% said they would stick with their significant other vs 14% who chose the pet. But they didn’t ask me and my Mama.

There was also some ridiculous news today warning pet owners that sleeping with their significant four-leggeds posed some health risks — even the Bubonic plague. Really? Are you kidding me?!?!?! Compared to all that people are exposed to EVERYDAY when they leave us to go to work and school? I believe a fellow blogger, Snoring Dog Studio, has taken up the issue and confronted it well. ‘Nough said!

Thankfully there are plenty of humans that understand us critters and true love. How about the story of Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick, an amazing vet from Surrey, England who is devoting much of his life’s work to helping pets with the latest technology. These new bionic critters have gotten a second chance at life thanks to an amazing big human heart.

Similarly, Ann Weaver, an animal behaviorist living here in my neck of Tampa Bay, has been watching over coastline construction and how it has impacted “255 of her closest research subjects,” bottle nosed dolphins. Cool story on Lesson learned? Maybe if we take the time we can all learn to coexist. I’m glad someone is looking after my buds the dolphins. I love it when we go for walks by the waterfront and they look up at me and wink.

That’s my report for tonight. Signing off from the living room couch, I say good night, chicos!

Hometown hounds make this chihuahua proud!

November 16, 2010 § 1 Comment photo

Wooo Hooo! I just gotta give my fellow Tampa Bay pooches a paws up on this one. It seems that on the recent Suncoast Animal League “Dogtoberest” celebration, there were soooo many pups in costume that they broke a Guinness World record – 426 doggies in duds! Check out their story and pictures on

Way to go, chicos! Wish I could have joined you but my humans were out of town. Know that I was there in spirit and cheering you on from the couch.

Next up on the events agenda, Happy Howlidays. Catch ya there!!

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