A Chihuahua letter to Santa

December 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

And I with my blue blur, my puppy toy and chew Santa, had just settled down for a mid morning nap ...

Dear Señor Santa,

I have been sooooooo good this year! Surely there will be a nice present under our Christmas tree for moi this year. I understand those are the requirements 😉 So to recap my many good deeds,  I can assure you that La Chica:

  • has been very supportive of her Mama this year as she has had to adjust to the empty nest. This is a 24-7 position, with arduous hours of extra cuteness required to cheer her spirits.
  • has been working diligently at her neighborhood watching post. I’ve got the squirrels, lizards and any canine taller than 8 inches answering to my mighty barks. La Chica is the muy big sherif in this barrio, keeping things in order.
  • has not chewed anyone’s shoes. God forbid! As tempting as they smell sometimes, Mama would kill me if I approached any collectibles in her “shoe museum.” I not so crazy!
  • has stayed out of garbage cans, pantries and the kitty litter (yuck! who’d go there anyway!!) as Mama directed. And though I may have committed a few tiny infractions by pilfering from the laundry basket, these were minor lapses for which I repented and begged much forgiveness. I’m out of the dog house.
  • might have missed the “potty” pad on occasion. But I was really “close!” I just can’t gauge well back there and my aim is a little off. My intentions WERE good!

All in all, I’ve been the model Chihuahua citizen in this barrio. And I should be up there, topmost in the “good” column of your Christmas list. Soooooo 😉 if you are wondering what to bring the Chica for Christmas this year, I have a couple of suggestions that would make my little corazon muy happy:

  • I could use a pretty new blanky. Mine’s beginning to show my age 😉
  • I would not mind a GIGANTIC box of Cherrios and a big bag of what I’ll admit is my new favorite healthy alternative treat: baby carrots. Nice and cold from the refrigerator!
  • But rather than any bling (truth is I shine all on my own) or new toys (I could never part with my ole faithful, Blue Blurrrrr anyway), I’d like to wish for good homes for all my amigos who are running around out there in the cold without a familia of their own, hungry and in danger of getting hurt.  We just can’t have that on this night of joy and love.
Love, keeeess-keeeess and hugs,
La Chica

P.S. Please disregard any obviously fabricated evidence against my impeccable record. El nasty, devious Cato is always trying to get me in trouble. He is muy malo! I think he needs some coal, preferably lumps, dropped on his head!


Chihuahua pastimes while Mama is at work

July 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

Unfortunately, we have not reached that blissful state of financial independence just yet. So Mama does spend a lot of time at work. And I, left to my own devices, must fill many hours of my week in some fruitful pursuit while I wait for her to return. What do you do while your humans are out?

I like to:

  • nap in the sunny spot by the sliding glass doors (my beauty sleep is sacred)
  • keep an eye on the Cato so I can brief Mama on all his transgressions (or anything I can think to pin on him)
  • watch the lizards scoot across the lanai (it is mindless yet soothing)
  • unmake the bed (heh,heh 😉 I like to rearrange it just the way I like it)
  • use the laptop when Mama isn’t looking to look for Chihuahua News (I must keep up with my peeps!)

So here’s a great story I found today from Animal Planet’s Small Dogs, Big Jobs. It is about Buddy, the Chihuahua Ambassador. Just watch:

Buddy's story on Animal Planet

Yup, I’d say that was time well spent waiting for Mom. Have a great weekend, Chicos! Oh, and happy pet blog hopping!!

Animal news installment: Let’s look out for each other

March 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

On a beautiful day like today here in Florida, I can’t help but feel grateful to be such a lucky chica. This week has been a tough one in the news – such terrifying disasters and sad turmoil all over the world. But even in the worst of times, we sometimes catch a ray of hope when we hear of miracles and good causes all around us, and we just know we must share these inspiring stories:

Many of you have probably seen the touching story of the two dogs that somehow survived the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. One of them was injured, but his faithful friend, probably terribly scared, hungry and cold, still stood guard by his injured friend until they were rescued. Thankfully two reporters found them and were able to alert folks who rescued them.

As seen on the HEART Facebook page

HEART, the united effort of several rescue groups in Japan, has put together a Facebook page both for people in these devastated areas to alert them if they spot animals that needs to be rescued, as well as to raise funds to care for the many displaced and injured animals. Please like their page and help spread the word!

Much closer to home, as reported on tampabay.com, Fanny the poodle looks after her sweet girl, Jennifer, who suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Fanny can somehow anticipate Jennifer’s seizures and alerts the parents. Fanny is a service dog from a non-profit organization called Four Paws for Abilities. Check out the sweet video story and the website.


Fanny, video by Joseph Garnett for tampabay.com

A lucky or better said dedicated photographer, caught some lovely pictures of the endangered Florida panther. The normally shy kitties seemed not to mind this time. Beautiful works of nature that we need to treasure and protect!  Check out the story and pictures, a full report on the plight of the panthers and a website where you can find out how you might help.

And finally, on a much lighter note, if you happen to be out and about in my neck of St. Petersburg, Florida on April 2, don’t miss “Paws for the Arts,” the Canterbury School fundraising event for the arts programs. All Pawcassos and Salvadog Dalis are invited to come create their very own masterpieces. Here’s their event page and the flyer my Mama helped put together for the extravaganza.

I’ll be there bright and early with a muy chic beret and saucy saunter. Come on by and let’s wow the humans with our creative stylings! Hasta la vista, chicos!! And don’t forget to do your favorite exercise – Saturday pet blog hopping 🙂

What?!?! I might be getting a new Chihuahua “seeester”?

March 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

My Mama snuck off for a couple of days. Not that I can blame or resent her much – she went to visit our girl away at college. Our princess is studying and working hard to become a ballerina and she was performing in her first professional capacity as a guest artist with the Kansas City Ballet in Giselle. Mom says she was phenomenal and the critics agreed!!

Anyhow, I am getting somewhere with this story. Do you remember the story about Noel – the little chihuahua that had been abandoned or lost by the side of the road in the middle of the harsh K.C. winter? She had been so exposed to the harsh cold that we did not know if she’d recover. Well, we have an update!!

Noel is healing beautifully. The membranes over her eyes have almost disappeared completely. And her soft fur is growing back in. She has gained plenty of weight, and though she is still shy, once she warms up to you she is a total love, a real lap hog. That could be a problem, but you’ll have to read on to find out why 🙂

As anyone could expect, the foster mom, my Aye (gramma) and my girl have all fallen in love with sweet Noel. So they have decided that they are ALL going to adopt her together in a “shared custody” agreement – during the school year while my Dani is super busy, Aye and the foster mom will look after Noel. They live right across the street from each other so it will be easy. And Noel can play with my K.C. sisters, Juanita and Panchita anytime. Mom took some picture so you could check out my seeeesters:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

THEN, and this is where it gets interesting, when summer break comes, everyone is hoping Noel can come home with our girl and stay with us in Florida. Heh, heh, that of course would require cooperation from yours truly. So we are all preparing for a “test drive” in May. We have a big family get together planned here in St. Petersburg, so Aye is bringing all the K.C. Chihuahuas to visit. I get to see my seeeesters, which will be loads of fun. But I also get to meet my new part-time sissy, Noel.

Ta … ta … taaaaaaaaa …

Keep your paws crossed!! This story WILL definitely continue 😉 Oh, and check out this lovely picture of my sisters’ back yard in K.C. Beautiful, but I’m glad they are coming to visit me in sunny Florida 😉

Grrrrrrr! This makes the Chihuahua muy angry!!!

February 5, 2011 § 5 Comments

Chanel, the Chihuahua


Ok, you all know I’m an easy-going, fun kinda chica. There’s enough craziness in this world. I don’t need to add to that. My goal is to make my friends and humans smile and maybe brighten their day a bit. But today I must pause and voice a HUGE GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR at the “beast” who dumped a little Chihuahua puppy out of a car at a Colorado 7-11!!! Watch this disturbing story on KKTV.com

To the “human” and I use that term way tooooo loosely here: What were you thinking?!?!? The puppy tried to chase after your car. It could have been run over. It is winter, and a horrible winter season at that. What if someone had NOT been able to catch the puppy?!?!?! The fact that you chose a public place I hope means that you were “thinking” that someone would find the puppy.  That is all I can give you. What happened to the “humane” part of being human. Though this is something I’d dispute, isn’t that what separates humans from the beasts. I’m glad this is considered a crime in your area. I do hope you are found and brought to justice. THERE are soooooooo many alternatives. I don’t care how desperate you were. There is NO excuse for this.

I guess I’m extra irked because my gramma has been helping in the care of another little Chihuahua that was abandoned in a similar situation in Kansas City. A little fluff of no more than 3-lb. Chihuahua was spotted in a ditch by a highway nearly frozen to death. It is a miracle that someone spotted a little movement and stopped to investigate. She was emaciated and very week, and her beautiful lustrous eyes were in dire straights as her tear ducts had dried from the exposure. A kind soul rushed her to another kid soul, a vet, who volunteered his services and performed the necessary surgery to save her vision. My gramma reports that she is in a kind foster home, right across the street from her. She has been helping minister the eye drops she now needs on a daily basis.  But the sweet little NOEL, as she has been named because of the season during which she was rescued, has proven to be a truly gentle and loving soul. Grateful and loving to all of those who are taking care of her. She has put on some weight in her recovery and her lovely long coat is filling back in nicely.

PEOPLE, PLEASE!!!!!!! If you need help, FIND help!! There are soooooo many rescue groups, no-kill shelters, agencies and services out there. If you can no longer care for a pet, please don’t do anything desperate.

Anipals, on this Saturday Pet Blogger Hop, let’s help spread the word and the prayers that this kind of cruelty stop!!

A wise Chihuahua always says “Animals will never cease to surprise you”

January 29, 2011 § 4 Comments

You may have seen the gorilla in the UK who seems perfectly comfortable walking upright like a human. One news report even got cute with the video and put together a nice little sequence to the “Walks like a Man” tune by Franky Valli. Apparently, This gorilla’s mother and father used to stand and walk as well, though not as well as Ambam does. And though he is the biggest in his group, apparently he does not go about bullying or proving his superiority. If you haven’t seen him, check out the story of Ambam, an endangered Western lowland gorilla on CBSNews.

Animals will never cease to amaze us. Now if we (the humans) get a little smarter, perhaps we can help some animals in dire need of a chance to prove their smarts and their worth. I got a message on my Facebook profile from a group, aheartandhand.org, that has set out to help shelter dogs by training them to become service animals. Being trained will allow these perfectly lovable dogs “to help people with disabilities and give both person and dog a second chance at life.” I couldn’t agree more. PAWSOMEST IDEA EVER!!!! So please support this cause by going to the Facebook page, “liking” their cause and perhaps taking the pledge to invite your friends that share your love for dogs.

Here’s their Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Heart-and-Hand-Foundation/172834826071124

And their program description: http://aheartandhand.org/homeless-dogs-need-jobs/

It seems to me this notion is more than worth a try. I’d love to see this training program catch on like wildfire in shelters across the nation. Let’s help spread the word for the cause!!

Oh, oh, and Happy Saturday Blog Hop!!!

Sign up and pass on some pet wisdom!!

Be the Change for Animals

January 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Chanel the chuhuahua is full of chihuahua wisdom

Share the love, Chicos

Just a quick note to help spread the word. If you are a fellow pet blogger, please consider joining the Be The Change for Animals effort and help raise awareness to your favorite Animal Cause. You need to start today, but I don’t think ANYONE will mind if you keep adding and sharing 😉

I’m going to start my list here:

Suncoast Animal League and my Facebook pal Paka Cat

Nowzad dogs and my Facebook pal Kilo Gibbs

Friends of Strays in St. Petersburg, Florida

Humane Society of Pinellas in Clearwater, Florida

Greyhound Adoption Tampa Bay

Tag, you’re it. Pass it on!!

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