A good game of pool Chihuahua-style

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Heh, heh! I just loved this YouTube video of a chulo Chihuahua named Amadeus “playing” an awesome game of pool. I’m not sure how humans would play pool (kinda hard to observe from my vantage point) but this handsome boy sure has some moves! I myself haven’t tried this game yet, but I really like the dancey-dancey style. And you all know I can do a mean cha-cha, so I think I could be one of those pool sharkies. Maybe I can get Mom to take me to the nearest pub to give it a whirl. And needless to say if some nachos happen to fall my way, well of course, that would just be lovely. Enjoy, Amigos!


Espresso machine monster in the kitchen: A new nemesis for the Chihuahua

August 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Chanel the Chihuahua Diva against the evil espresso machine

"All your hissing and spitting does not scare this Chihuahua!"

I have a HUUUGE problem here, amigos. Mom has brought in a heinous new contraption to the casa. She calls it the ” ‘spresso maker.” I call it the cranky dragon in my kitchen. Much like the evil vacuum in our “coat closet” (I giggle at that every time because we live in Florida so there isn’t much point to that!) … anyhow, this despicable little black gizmo makes mucho noise. It spits and hisses like it is going to eat my Mommy. And Mama just stands there, like she is totally unaware of the peril she is in! But I am the Chica in charge in these here parts, the chief security officer. And I take my job muy seriously. So I do mucho growls and warning yips and sometimes even full-out ferocious and very intimidating barking when it starts to act up.

Chanel the Chihuahua diva against the evil vacuum

Standing up against the evil vacuum cleaner. Grrrrrrr ... ARF!

But my problem is, that as you all know, “coffee time” here in Casa Chanel is a very special time. It is part of my morning ritual with Mom. We wake up, I get lots of love. She announces it is time for cafe and that is always followed by my CHEERIOS. I can’t mess with that!

So what IS a Chihuahua to do, I ask you? It is my prime imperative to defend my home and my Mama against evil invaders. But then there are my morning Cheerios to be considered here. I am perplexed in this crisis. Torn. Paralyzed with indecision in my impossible dilemma. I better go sleep on it.

Mucho cute critter baby announcements this month!

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What is going on? This whole month of August it seems is all about babies, babies everywhere! That stork must be getting tired!! But I just can’t resist these beautiful faces so keep them coming! Here’s a short list to make your Friday afternoon go by. Enjoy:

Precious Komodo dragon babies

A baby panda born in Austria

Beautiful white tigers born in Germany

A sweet giraffe baby born at the Philadelphia Zoo

Oooooo, and the piece de resistance!! An itty bitty baby bunny!!

from zooborns.com

What’s wrong with this picture?!?!

August 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

So I wake up from a lovely night’s sleep, stretch my legs, scratch behind my ear and wait for Mom to announce it is coffee time.  A few more cute puppy yawns as she carries me to the kitchen when Whoa! what do I see?!?! El Cato had appropriated one of my princess beds. And it is the one with primo real estate next to the window. Call the SWAT team! Call my agent!!  I no theeeeenk so, Meester. That lovely perch of pink satin and faux fur trim with little sparkles was clearly designed for my delicate self.  Around these parts pink is MY color, Señor! Vamoose it and pronto, I thought.

But worry not, amigos. Before I had to get all huffy and make a righteous stand, suddenly things turned back in my favor. You see, Mom saw Tigger sleeping there too. And she thought he looked so sweet and cuddly that she went straight for the camera.

Tigger, aka Señor Gato sleeping peacefully

Click, click … Awww, simply lovely.  Click, click … Oooo, so fluffy and sweet.  Click, click … maybe another close up of her innocent little angel.

Tigger, aka Señor Gato waking up

And el Kitty-Cato was sleeping so soundly and peacefully that at first he did not notice. But I saw my opportunity right away. Heh, heh  – can you say blackmail pictures!!!!  I kept really quiet and just watched.  I’m such a helpful girl.

Slowly it dawned on Señor Gato that there was something going on. He opened one eye. He squeezed, blinked and opened both eyes. It took a little while before he realized he was the subject of a full-blown photo shoot in a rather compromising situation – I mean, said fluffy, satiny, pink bed is not exactly ultra macho.

Tigger, aka Señor Gato caught in my princess bed

Hmmmm ... maybe this was not such a good idea. Wait, oh, no!! there are pictures?!?!?

Then WHOOSH! he blasted out of there muy pronto. Heh, heh, heh. Too late, Dude! The evidence is in and I know how to use it. I don’t think I have to worry about any of my strategically positioned, exquisitely comfy beds being desecrated with cato hair again anytime soon. La Chihuahua rules once again!

Happy pet adoption stories you gotta read

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Bunny as pictured on Cleveland.com

Bunny as pictured on Cleveland.com

Mom and I did spend some quality time today, even if I could not sit directly on her lap because she was on her laptop. But on this rainy wet “weekend” morning, we definitely cuddled and gave thanks for each other as we browsed the internet and found these amazing pet adoption stories. A great way to start a good week.

From the Cleveland Sun Post-Herald’s Picture Perfect Pets we read the amazing story about Bunny the Kitty. This beautiful Kitty beat the odds in so many ways. And she is not letting anything stop her (except maybe the nasty vacuum cleaner, and I totally get that!) from living a full life now blessed with loving parents. Bunny, you are an inspiring chica!!

Pet goat and two dog pals on dallasnews.com

And then there was an update from dallasnews.com about the real life Homeward Bound story of a great dane, a goat and a three-legged retriever! I missed the first stories, but apparently, the inseparable trio did not only have the problem of being runaways trying to survive in a suburban area, but the Sheriff got into it citing some law that threatened to separate the dogs from their beloved goat because she was considered livestock! How dare he be so insensitive?!?!?! I almost choked on my Cheerios snacks when we got to that part. But the good folks from those part and a city commissioner got involved and they worked it out legally so all they could be kept on foster care and rehabilitated to be ready for adoption. And the stipulation for prospective new owners includes that Minelli, the goat now considered a pet, and her beloved dog pals, Judy and Lucky be adopted together! Come on now, the Sheriff should have known these three had something special going on when they were found wandering around the Alexander Mansion wedding chapel in Garland!!

Amigos, I just had to share some happy, feel good news. In a world where so many stray and abandoned pets do not get so lucky, we must celebrate every little miracle story and pray for more! Let’s look out for one another.

Funny animal videos

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Just chillaxing here watching movies with Mom on the couch. I like the fact that she and I spend so much time looking for animal news. It is a bonding thing for us. So on today’s programming:

Penguins chasing a butterfly spotted on Huff post. Heh, heh! Go butterfly!!!

And an adorable “dancing” baby panda also spotted in animal news on The Huffington Post. Ooooo, Momma, scratch my back. I’ve got itchies too:

See, it doesn’t take much to find some good quality family fun to share with your humans. Grab your laptops, some snacks (I won’t recommend popcorn because it get’s stuck in between my tiny teeth) and enjoy the love!

Chihuahua Awakening

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Big AHA moment in this Chihuahua’s life! I have seen the most glorious sight – a little piece of heaven right here on Earth. Actually, right in my kitchen. Mom was carrying me on our way to bed (yeah, she is still spoiling me to make up for the abandonment last weekend) when she decided to get a drink before checking in for the night. Only this time she didn’t put me down, beautiful multitasker that she is. So she walked right up to the ‘fridgerator big boxy thing and when she opened the door it was like “Laaaaaaaaaa” … and I heard the angels sing. I saw “The Light” and everything. It was beautiful inside!!! And there they were, all the yummies the humans get to eat! Cool and refreshing in the lovely soft glowy light inside of the ‘fridgerator boxy thing! Carrots, cheese, leftover rice and picadillo. Oh, it was all sooooooooo PREEEETY!! My little heart cried with joy. My spirit soared and I believe I found my new place of worship.

Chanel the Chihuahua Diva gets a peek inside the magic food box

My first up close and personal peek into the glorious 'fridgerator. It was beautiful!

But I played it cool. I did not want to appear too interested. I looked at her so innocently like “Oh, no, Momma I wasn’t staring at the left-over rotisserie chicken. Whatcha talkin’ about?  I hardly noticed there was food.” Then I added a big yawn and stretch to cover up really well. Heh, heh, heh! (Small evil laugh inside of la Chihuahua.)

Tomorrow as soon as they leave for work I go to train my Cato to help me with the kitchen step stool …

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