A Chihuahua neighborhood safari

June 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Deputy Chanel here, once again out and about on my regular neighborhood patrol. And I must say, the days here in Florida are getting longer and hotter. Ay, Caramba! Talk about dragging and panting. So to take my mind off the effects of the 80% humidity on my otherwise flawless and luxurious coat, I sometimes like to pretend I am on safari with Mom. Me, the great adventuress, exploring the wilderness … or the a rain forest (on sprinkler days). Hey, it is NOT such a stretch – after all, we HAVE had an alligator in the neighborhood pond!

La Chica on Safari

Spoonbill, on Wikipedia

I love to stalk through the “savannah” and sneak up on the exotic birds – you know, the occasional spoonbill, Blue Heron or Egret – so focused on their hunt for lizards that they don’t see me coming. Heh, heh, heh, they are awfully funny scrambling to take off when I run up behind them with my lightning speed and barking my head off – long legs, beaks and feathers go EVERY which way.

In my stealth mode I can also get the vantage position on the “great cats” of the southeast – OK, so here they are mere house kitty catos with attitude. But like their greater cousins, they often lounge on the “open plain” (driveways) baking in the warm sun. They are muy silly and sleepy so I can spook them and make them scram. Just like the silly squirrels that I catch snacking on their buried nuts. I like to stand between them and their tree and watch the little wheels turning in their nutty heads as they try to figure out how they’ll get around me to scoot up to safety. I am such an imposing adversary.

But mostly, on our excursions, Mama and I focus on the flora rather than the fauna. This week we have the Crepe Myrtles blooming all over the neighborhood along with some stunning lilies. The beauty of Nature never ceases to amaze.

A Lily, we think

Crepe Myrtles loaded with prettiful flowers

Ciao for now, chicos, ’til our next great adventure! And Happy Saturday Pet Blog Hopping!



Chihuahua on double guard duty

June 9, 2010 § 5 Comments

Dastardly squirrel on the roofSo Mom and Dad are redoing the back porch. And well, lets just say that the scope of the project suddenly grew as many home improvement projects do, from just cleaning and painting to now include replacing all the screens of the enclosure. And never mind the fact that the humans are still debating paint colors (the house is starting to look a lot like a dalmatian with different test spots all over the walls.) The bigger deal is that in the meantime, the screens are gone and thus the lanai is off-limits to me and me and Señor Gato. No muy happy here.

And what does this mean? Well you know how curious nature’s critters can get when things change around their home surroundings. Now all these nosy neighbors of mine are coming around to check out the “goings on.” And they are not shy at all. Check out who I just caught spying from the roof this morning: public enemy #1, the dastardly squirrel, sitting there taunting me with her tail twitches and flickers. Argh!!!! Many indignant snorts and livid glares were exchanged.

Lizard infiltratorAnd then came this brazen infiltrator – a slinky and shifty lizard. The nerve!! This new antagonist just walked right up to MY sliding glass doors to confront me as if he now owned the place!! With all his posturing, tongue flicking and stuff. How dare he?!?!?!

Chanel the Chihuahua in a standoff with a trespasserOh, but  don’t worry, I stared him right down. OK, so in my case, I stared him right across but quite furiously. And he blinked first!

I think I’ll spend the rest of the day on increased patrols. And I’ll talk to el Gato about tag teaming on the effort. We are officially on double guard-the-lanai-from-intruders duty until further notice. Let us know if you see any suspicious characters or activities around the perimeter. This is serious!!!

Chanel the Chihuahua on guard dutyOh, and P.S.: Mom, I hope you know that all these extra guard dog shifts are to be repaid in Cheerios!

What do chihuahuas dream about?

May 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

Chanel the chihuahua is sleepingMy humans are always wondering what I dream about. What are the fantasies that make my little legs wiggle so much while I sleep that I upset all the covers (and all the humans in bed.)

This princess dreams of princes – secret crushes that I’ll deny if I’m ever confronted. Like the Geico Gecco – it’s his eyes!!!! Caramel colored  like me, big and luminous. I melt during those close ups. I know it would never work between us, but when I see him on TV I just can’t help myself. Or  the Taco Bell dog. His videos on youtube, ay Papi! And there is suave and debonair Duke, of Bush’s Baked beans fame.

And speaking of beans, there are the dreams about Mom’s rice, beans and picadillo. In my dreams I find myself running through fields of fluffy, yummy white rice. Leaping and chewing at the same time. I see dancing black beans, doing a rumba in my magical fiesta. Ah, and that saucy picadillo, so good it must be a sin. Deeeeeeeelectable!!!

And then there are the piñatas full of cheerios … the armies of adoring fans giving me belly scratches … lots of lovely pillows piled high in a warm, sunny patch by the window … and Mommy winning the lotery so we can live the high life traipsing through Europe! Ahhh, to nap 20 hours a day IS the life!!!

But eventually, my dreams end the same way – with that infernal squirrel!!! Only, in  my dreams, I can suddenly climb up the tree so that beastly pest can’t get away!! Aha!!!  You will feel the full fury of a mighty chihuahua.

No wonder I always wake up hungry! I’ve worked it out, baby. Now where are those cheerios?!?!

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