Easter morning with the chihuahua

April 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Mama woke up this morning saying, “Easter is not as much fun now that the kids are all grown up! Sigh …” So while she went to make coffee and some breakfast, I went off quietly to make an Easter something hunt just for her 🙂 I can be sneaky that way.

*  *  *

And later that morning …

Oh, Mamaaaa … You getting up? Where are your slippers? They were just there? Hmmmm … 😉 No, I don’t have any idea how they ended up in that planter.

Hmmm, where DID you leave that book you were reading?  What? Under the bed? Now, how did that happen?

Your reading glasses? Geez, I have no … Oooops, imagine that. In my bowl. Go figure!

What’s that? You can’t find the TV remote?  Let’s see … wait, what is that sticking out from under the couch? Goodness me.

Heh, heh, nooooo, I haven’t seen the cat in a while either.  Do I hear some muffled sounds coming from the hamper? Ahhh, maybe …

Oh, and the Cheerios? (Looking at her with a straight face 🙂 as she walks towards me.) You are getting hotter … now hotter … really HOT!  Ahhh … (burp!) … yup, they are in my belly! Scratchy, scratchy, please 🙂

* * *

Later, after a good long snuggle session with all favorite peeps …

I’m thinking, nope, that Easter bunny is not the only one that knows how to have fun with the humans. Happy Easter!!


Who needs the Easter bunny when you can have an Easter Chihuahua!

April 21, 2011 § 6 Comments

While Mom, Dad and I were out for a walk today, we saw all the Easter decorations springing up around the neighborhood. Cute I must say, but it got me thinking … hmmm … really … so who needs that flighty Easter bunny when you can have a cute, nay, an adorable Easter Chihuahua!

For one, I would not hide your treats. Rather I’d help you find them 😉 Heh, heh,  I’m veeeeeery good at finding the treats.

I like the carrots and the eggs just as much, though I prefer my eggs scrambled with cheese rather than hardboiled and painted. But I’m not picky, mostly just hungry.

And, yes, I know the Easter bunny is supposed to be all cute and cuddly. But have you tried to try to catch him?!?! Lickety fast little sucker! I, on the other hand will just roll over and happily let you rub my yummy tummy all day long!

I’m just saying 😉 Happy Easter, Chicos!

Chanel the Easter Chihuahua

I like to bounce and run around the yard in the springtime too. And I look great in pastels, don't you think?

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