Happy Papa’s Day

June 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am a very lucky chica. I have a great human family – Mama, you know her well by now; my girl and my boy, great belly scratchers whenever they are home; and last but never least, my Papa.

When he picks me up like a football – gently, but securely tucked into the crook of his arm – well, I feel like I’m on top of the world. From way up here, I know I’m safe and sound. When Mama and the kids are not looking, he spoils me with bits of chicken and turkey. Though then he blames my less than petite waistline on Mama indulging me. And though he is not entirely comfortable taking me on walks by himself (he worries about his manly image with the neighbors) he never skips a chance to go with me AND Mama around the block.

So on this special weekend for fathers everywhere, I’d like to tell you, mis amigos, a little bit about our very special love.

Me and my Papa …

we love to eat “our” dinner on the snack tables flipping through the TV channels – well, he does. I just love snarfing up the crumbs 😉

we love to watch the movies together with Mama – he snores, I snore AND wiggle.

we love to bury ourselves deep under the warm blankets – muy nice and cozy, if a little crowded.

we love to cook a special meal now and again and take over the kitchen with style and “flair” – mainly, again, I love the side benefits: mucho crumbs.

But most of all, we love each other. I’m his little squeaker, he is my giant hero (he eeez muy tall you see.) So today and every day, I’d like to say Happy Papa’s Day to the best Daddy ever! (And watch out, ’cause I will eat YOU up with keeeesses today.)

Heh, heh! This is me taking a nap inside of Papa's pajama pants. Shhhhh ... 😉

And to Coco, my original Papi: XOXOXOXO!! A beeeeg piece of my leeeettle heart is yours forever.


Chihuahua poem: Oh how do I love thee, my chicos

February 14, 2011 § 3 Comments

My sweet amigos, I am a chica in love and I don’t care who knows it. I fact, I am not ashamed, I will tell the world and keep on saying it all day long (thank God for blogging 😉 !)

Ahem, ahem (clears throat) …

Oh, how do I love thee,

Ye my facebook pals, I say I love thee, and your amazing personalities no matter what fb says.
To thee I dedicate my Puppy love post because love IS forever!

To thee, my family and friends, I am one lucky chica to have your love and support (and patient understanding ;•-)
I dedicate my Chihuahua a la mode sweet nothings and mucho keeeeeeesses.

And to my Mom and Dad (the humans) who celebrate 25 years together, I dedicate my Tails of Love post, because they DID find true love.
They love everyday that they are blessed to be together,
And they have plenty left over to share with this little chica!

And to ye, my sweet blog friends – though that doest mostly mean the folks already mentioned – I say, I love thee, and may cupid find your heart … and … and …(choke)

OK, I think I’ve had all the sugary sweetness I can handle. Heh, heh, but seriously, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

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