Chihuahua Contributions to Nature (rated G)

March 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

No, my Mama has not lost her senses (not entirely) with that headline. Even she will admit not everything I do on our afternoon walks is adorable. But this little contribution on my part to help the birds and the bees in their spring effort is worth sharing here.

As you all know, we have had an unusual spring season, even for Florida. More of a Wintring. And the confused oak trees are pollinating early and como loco ’round the hood. I assure you, with my height “advantage” I’m the perfect authority to report on the phenomenon. There are record HEAPS of pollen collecting on the ground. Weeeeee! (runs around and breaks into song: “The street gutters are aliveeeeeee, with the mounds of pohhhhh-llennnnnn … La, la, la laaaaaa!”)

But while I’m having fun frolicking through the fluffy yellow mess, it’s not so much fun for my poor human. Let’s just say those are not just doggy ____ bags in Mama’s pocket when we go out these days. (Insider trade tip: Buy stock in Kleenex and/or Puff tissues!!) Muchos tissues EVERYWHERE for Mama. She is a sneezing menace when we take our walks. No matter what expert stealth techniques I try to use, and I have many, I can’t even sneak up on a stupid squirrel – they hear us coming a mile away.

As for La Chica, no adverse allergy effects to report. The pollen and the sneezing just seems to make me giddy. So here is a little film clip to cheer Mama and all the allergy sufferers out there. I like to title it: Viva la Spring Loca! (Subtitle: Spreading the love and the pollen all over tha’ place and the couch. Ole!)

Pollen giddy Chihuahua


Thought for the day: Chihuahua warmers, PLEASE!

February 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

So if they can make little hand warmers that you can stick in humans’ gloves, could someone please get busy coming up with Chihuahua posterior warmers? I’m sure I’m not the only Chihuahua that lives in a house with tile floors. And when the thermometer plunges like it did yesterday here in Florida … Ay, Caramba (plus a few other choice words)! Let’s jut say I’m not getting out of bed TODAY!! You try it, chicos!

The Snuggy that Mom got me kinda works keeping me warmer, heinous as it may be. But it does nothing for my tender, well, um … butt.

I can picture pretty little pantaloons with a stylish little pocket on the backside to put the warmers in to keep my rear warm. I could even see a line for every occasion — sporty ones for walks around the neighborhood, stretchy ones to make your bum appear slim and trim, designer chic ones for social gatherings with blingy accents!

Here’s a template for any wise, enterprising designers looking to make mucho money. I tell you there is a huge population of cold Chihuahua rears out there just waiting. Remember, this is all in the name of World peace — a cold Chihuahua is a cranky Chihuahua.

Chihuahua Adventures: Spring break sun bathers

April 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

While out and about with Mama this weekend, we observed that our college kids were not the only spring breakers basking and baking in the sun. The sandpipers and seagulls were quite busy on the shore; the dolphins in the bay were entertaining the tourists; and the turtles, well, they are out in hoards this time of year soaking in the rays. In fact, Mama had to stop in the middle of the road today to literally help a turtle cross the road. Heh, heh … She looked like she was a nutcase, trying to explain in pantomime her intentions to help the critter to the drivers behind her. This while running around a little discombobulated trying to find something in the back of the SUV to grab the turtle with. It was  big boy – about the size of a frisbee – and handsome, all in greens and yellows. But I’m glad to report, mission was accomplished and the turtle was off to his next adventure!

Mama didn’t have a camera with her today so we don’t have a picture of Señor Turtle, but here are some of the other critters we caught snapshots of this week:


Sandpiper on Pass-a-Grille Beach (this one is a little shy 🙂 )

Smile for the camera, Chico!


Turtles sunbathing by the pond near the house

A lovely photo of dolphins by Dempsey Ward, one of the spring breakers that came to visit us

Happy spring to all my chicos! But watch out for all the creatures out there trying to enjoy the nice weather.

Catcha latah! I’m off to do some sun worshiping of my own.

Chihuahua on double guard duty

June 9, 2010 § 5 Comments

Dastardly squirrel on the roofSo Mom and Dad are redoing the back porch. And well, lets just say that the scope of the project suddenly grew as many home improvement projects do, from just cleaning and painting to now include replacing all the screens of the enclosure. And never mind the fact that the humans are still debating paint colors (the house is starting to look a lot like a dalmatian with different test spots all over the walls.) The bigger deal is that in the meantime, the screens are gone and thus the lanai is off-limits to me and me and Señor Gato. No muy happy here.

And what does this mean? Well you know how curious nature’s critters can get when things change around their home surroundings. Now all these nosy neighbors of mine are coming around to check out the “goings on.” And they are not shy at all. Check out who I just caught spying from the roof this morning: public enemy #1, the dastardly squirrel, sitting there taunting me with her tail twitches and flickers. Argh!!!! Many indignant snorts and livid glares were exchanged.

Lizard infiltratorAnd then came this brazen infiltrator – a slinky and shifty lizard. The nerve!! This new antagonist just walked right up to MY sliding glass doors to confront me as if he now owned the place!! With all his posturing, tongue flicking and stuff. How dare he?!?!?!

Chanel the Chihuahua in a standoff with a trespasserOh, but  don’t worry, I stared him right down. OK, so in my case, I stared him right across but quite furiously. And he blinked first!

I think I’ll spend the rest of the day on increased patrols. And I’ll talk to el Gato about tag teaming on the effort. We are officially on double guard-the-lanai-from-intruders duty until further notice. Let us know if you see any suspicious characters or activities around the perimeter. This is serious!!!

Chanel the Chihuahua on guard dutyOh, and P.S.: Mom, I hope you know that all these extra guard dog shifts are to be repaid in Cheerios!

Save the hairballs, save the Gulf wildlife

May 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

So all of last night I tossed and turned. I kept hearing “Save the hairballs … Save the hairballs … save the hairballs …” My little legs could not twitch fast enough to get me away from the oil slick nightmare. You see, folks, I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida – a beautiful paradise of beaches, precious wetlands and springs. And here, we are frankly scared. I know we are all hearing a lot about the landfall of the oil spill on Louisiana’s delicate shores, and I cringe at the thought. Already the pictures of the loss of life are heartbreaking. But folks this will have a huge impact on us all and for a VERY LONG TIME to come. Please, please, please, keep this in your thoughts going forward:

Tigger aka señor gato

Señor Gato has lots of hair and love to give


Save our seabirds org

Environmental Protection Agency

Friends of the Gulf on facebook

Listed on

Listed on

Listed on

Listed on

1. If they have not joined the cause, talk to your hairdressers and groomers about collecting the hair for mats that help contain the spilled oil in the Gulf.

2. In your neighborhood as you are walking with other dogs, start a local movement to “Save the hairballs!”  Fur real, I may not have a lot to offer in this endeavor, but Tigger and I are pooling together and saving our collective hairballs for the Gulf of Mexico efforts.

3. It is shedding season, at least it is in my living room. But then I live with Tigger who could put BigFoot to shame in the hair department. Let’s take advantage of the synchronism and save the tumbling hairballs in your homes when you sweep.

4. Brush often and give a little. Shiny soft coats are always in. You’ll look marvelous, darlings, AND help save lives.

Like I said, I know you probably heard a lot about it yesterday on the blogosphere and twitterland, but I had to help keep the movement going. Trust me, you’ll hear from me on this again. Hopefully, I’ll sleep a little better tonight. With all the tossing and turning, Mom thought I was itchy and she gave me a bath this morning! I will admit, I was a little smelly and too “naturalle” but fur real at 7:30 a.m.?!?!?!?!? Not to worry, I fully exercised my revenge of the bath ritual all over her blanket!!!!!

Chanel the chihuahua having fun on Mom's blanket

Revenge of the bath - crazy wet dog all over Mom's blanket!!!

Fur now, adios, Amigos!!

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