WooHoo!! La Chihuahua has gotten a Versatile Blogger award

July 16, 2011 § 7 Comments

Thanks, NannyMcFur, for thinking of me! You made me smile (mucho tail wags!!) “Viva la Chica,” if I do say so myself.

Now according to the tradition of this award, I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and my family. What? Only seven? ūüėČ

So here goes:

1. My familia is very convoluted – both on the human and 4-legged side. My Mama’s sister started it all when she got Mami and Papi. A short gestational period later, and I and my 4 siblings came along ūüôā One of my sisters stayed with my parents, and I came to live here in St. Pete with my human family. Then came litter #2, and one of my sisters from that batch, went to live with my Mama’s Mama. Confused? Well, so am I most of the time.

2. Oh, yeah, I have three more adoptive siblings: Se√Īor Cato, aka Tigger -He is veeeeeeery tricky and sneaky! But he eeeeez no match for me, La Super Chica!! And Panchita and Noel, they have glommed on despite the craziness of this familia.

3. And speaking of La Super Chica, that is my alter ego (but shhhhh … don’t tell just anyone. I must keep my identity a secret from the evil masterminds, minions and squirrels.) Look for more adventures in the near future! J.K. Rowling, give me a buzz ūüėČ

4. My favorite snack is Cheerios. Though rice (and black beans, cha, cha, cha) and carrots are close runner-ups. Mom and I have a morning ritual – she flicks me Cheerios and I run all over the place “fetching” them – YUM!! What’s your favorite snack?

5. My favorite toy is the Blue Blurrrrr. I love to dig him up when Mom is sitting on the floor folding laundry. We have fun playing tug-a-war-and-fetch, though it does NOT help with the stacks of laundry.

6. I live in a lovely neighborhood in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida – squirrels, lizards, gators and all! And I, as you might suspect, am the self-appointed neighborhood patrol officer.

7. Oooo, what will this be?!? What makes the Chica’s heart tick? What is my fondest dream? Oh, yes, I seek fame. Unabashedly and avidly. Pass the word!

But enough shameless self-promotion. If you are here, you know I’m a diva and I’m quite proud of it. So now I must give a paws up to some of my favorite pet blogs:

  1. Starting with the NannyMcFur ūüėČ
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  7. Tucker Tells All
  8. Being Henri
  9. The World according to Lexi
  10. According to Gus
Only 15?!?!? I can’t do it! Ahhhh … How does one pick?!?! OK, I’m including some of my best pals who use facebook as a platform to bring joy to the world!

OK and one more because this is MY blog and I can ūüėČ

Happy blogging, Amigos!!


Whoops! I should have been clearer. And I will message all my Chicos on the list to clarify: By “Paws Up” I mean I’m passing on and awarding THEM the Versatile Blogger Award! Congratulations, Amigos!!


Easter morning with the chihuahua

April 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Mama woke up this morning saying, “Easter is not as much fun now that the kids are all grown up! Sigh …” So while she went to make coffee and some breakfast, I went off quietly to make an Easter something hunt just for her ūüôā I can be sneaky that way.

*  *  *

And later that morning …

Oh, Mamaaaa … You getting up? Where are your slippers? They were just there? Hmmmm … ūüėČ No, I don’t have any idea how they ended up in that planter.

Hmmm, where DID you leave that book you were reading?  What? Under the bed? Now, how did that happen?

Your reading glasses? Geez, I have no … Oooops, imagine that. In my bowl. Go figure!

What’s that? You can’t find the TV remote?¬†¬†Let’s see … wait, what is that sticking out from under the couch? Goodness me.

Heh, heh, nooooo, I haven’t seen the cat in a while either. ¬†Do I hear some muffled sounds coming from the hamper? Ahhh, maybe …

Oh, and the Cheerios? (Looking at her with a straight face ūüôā as she walks towards me.) You are getting hotter … now hotter … really HOT! ¬†Ahhh … (burp!) … yup, they are in my belly! Scratchy, scratchy, please ūüôā

* * *

Later, after a good long snuggle session with all favorite peeps …

I’m thinking, nope, that Easter bunny is not the only one that knows how to have fun with the humans. Happy Easter!!

Chihuahua monster? I no theeeeenk so!

February 22, 2011 § 3 Comments

Why does Mama say “I’ve created a monster” when she looks at me sometimes? Moi? Her sweet, beautiful princess? Her angel?

My finely tuned squeaks ‚Äď crafted to rival any soprano diva if you ask me ‚Äď are merely used to remind her that Cheerios are a recommended part of my daily fiber allowance. You see, sometimes in the middle of our ritual Cheerio “fetching” she pauses to eat her breakfast and stuff. I’m just helping her stay focused.

The yips in the kitchen are to¬†remind her when she is making yummy, scrambled eggs, that they are good for my lustrous fur coat. Same goes for fluffy warm rice. More fiber ūüėČ A little dollop for la chica goes a long way!

Then there are the gentle growlings I must sometimes use when she is trying to dislodge me from her lap. We all know how important my beauty sleep is. Every nap counts, amigos. Surely she is not thinking straight.

I gotta say, I’ve heard her call me things in her human tongue (with a cuban accent) that I don’t recognize. But I don’t think I’m going to try to decipher those. They don’t sound muy nice.

Hey, I AM trying to communicate! Heh, heh, does THAT make me a monster ūüėČ ?

La Chihuahua fashionista

January 14, 2011 § 2 Comments


Well, I did not heard much from my peeps on National Dress Up Your Pet day. I was really hoping to feature a few of my favorite pals in their fancy getups right here and on my Facebook page. Maybe folks didn’t get the memo. Seriously, I don’t understand. I never pass up the opportunity to primp. Let me share a little more about myself so you’ll understand my enthusiasm for getting fancy.

You see for this Chica Fashionista, the apple (or in my case, the sweet guava) does not fall far from the tree. As you can see below, I come from a line of ultra chic and cheeky Chihuahuas:

Here's my Mami with her impeccable taste and fashion sense.

And then there is my Papi and, well, need I say more about this born leading man?

I have a legacy to live up to, chicos. And when we are done with the fashion plating, my human Mom and I have a great time gnashing the offending garments and playing tug-o-war with the itchy ones. I even throw in some good humored GRRRRRing for effect.  Besides I get extra Cheerios for smiling pretty at the camera, and best of all, mucho love and keeeeeesses from Mom.

So in the end, it is all about good relationships between pets and their humans. If you feel your pet does not enjoy dressing up much, no worries, just don’t. Instead spend the time having fun and playing. The point is to MAKE the time. We are all just too busy, stressed and serious these days. What I hope this and every day promotes is awareness of that special bond that can exist between pets and their beloved owners. And perhaps even inspire some pet adoptions.

Share the love, amigos. Ciao!

Chihuahua vision

January 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

In keeping with the¬†positive thoughts and hopes for the new year, Mom decided to work¬†on something called a “vision” poster. I didn’t really know what it¬†was all about, but I figured I’d get into this arts and crafts¬†project with her so we could spend some quality time together.¬†Besides, Mom seemed kind of excited about it, and in my world this level of excitement is usually associated with food, so I thought¬†there might be something yummy in it for me.

So I used my¬†mind-reading powers on her and picked up some bits and pieces. I¬†think you’re basically supposed to think about things that you¬†would like to see happen in your life ‚ÄĒ dreams, wishes, goals. Then¬†you find pretty peeeeectures of those things in magazines, cut them¬†out and put together a “big” picture to inspire you. Oh, my chicos,¬†I could soooooooo get into this!!

So while Mom was day dreaming about spending more time with the family, world travel and having her own creative freelance business, I thought up some grand ideas of my own:

1. I wanted to start by¬†wishing for happy homes for all my pet amigos out there who need¬†families. I’m a very lucky, Chica. Friends, if you don’t have a pet¬†in your life, consider pet adoption ‚Äď I promise it will be an¬†awesome journey on a two-way street full of love. Let’s all help¬†spread the word.

2. Then, rather than chasing the fountain of¬†youth, I’d like to look into a fountain of perpetual Cheerios.¬†Just imagine it ‚ÄĒ beautiful golden Cheerios raining down on me …¬†cascading … sprinkling through the air. What a beautiful vision¬†indeed. Maybe there could even be one in every home. Now, wouldn’t that make the world a better place ūüėČ

3. Next, I figured I could¬†use a jet-setting, special Chihuahua passport so I can travel with Mama. If she’s looking to have more¬†travel in her life, this Princess needs her proper documentation. I¬†no likey when she has to leave me behind. Ugh, shudder at the¬†thought. And besides, I’d love to be able to visit some of my¬†facebook friends from all over the world. Oh, and of¬†course, I’ll be needing some matching luggage then.

4. It would be¬†simply lovely to have my own massage¬†therapist. Well, actually just Mom as my dedicated belly and¬†noggin scratcher. All this exciting new creative work in her life¬†will mean I have to share her attention. In my perfect world, Mom¬†would have assistants to type up our blog posts, work on our social outreach and help with the production of her other works and¬†designs. Maybe we could get one of those nice iPads to oversee¬†things while she and I snuggle comfortably on the couch. Ooooo,¬†ooooo, and we could also use it to Skype with our kids when they¬†are off to college. I’d really like that. I miss our chicos too much.

5.¬†OK, so I have to include one guilty pleasure ‚ÄĒ maybe just a leeeetle¬†bliiiiiiiiiing!!!! And of course, muchos haute¬†couture pretty dresses for the Chica to accessorize.

6. Finally, I can picture stardom in my life. SERIOUSLY!! All this cuteness can no longer be kept a secret. This Princess was NOT meant to remain an undiscovered treasure. It is Hollywood for me, Baby!

OK, that sounds about right to start the year. But I of course reserve the right to upgrade. Heh, heh. Now here is my fabulous masterpiece. What do you think?

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