A Chihuahua’s favorite kind of day

May 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Holiday after a big family gathering = all day in pj’s and:

  • an early morning walk while the sprinklers are going
  • Sex in the City reruns from Mama’s lap with a second cup of coffee
  • leftovers from the tons of restaurants the human’s went to all week
  • nappy time on a lazy hot summer day
  • maybe a movie and popcorn later this afternoon, preferably from the couch
  • not checking email, facebook or twitter more than twice today

Life is good … nice and simple.


Chihuahua world invaded by the visiting “critters”

May 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

Wow! I think the coast is clear!! The visiting “critters” are gone and my world getting is back to normal now. I had heard mama talking for weeks about some “nephew” thingies coming to our house, and something called “babysitting” that she couldn’t WAIT to do. Sounded kinda fun, but I had NOOOOO idea my world was about to …

I tell you it was like an invasion from outer space! They came with all these strange contraptions I’d never seen before – inflatable beds (very unstable if you ask me, I rolled right off!), inflatable bathtubs, an all-terrain vehicle called a “stroller” (watch out!), and a throne/mission control seat referred to as the “high chair.” From this “high chair” whenever the nephew “called,” all my peeps would scramble to serve and bring him food offerings. He seemed to be the one in charge of this whole takeover.

And you tell me. How come when they make stinky “presents” for Mama she laughs and plays with them while she cleans that up? She doesn’t think my surprises are that funny and cute! And trust me those were some real stiiiiiiinkers! The whole house smelled funky. What ARE those guys eating?!?!

Oh, and the apparent mind control power that those “nephews” have over my humans was unbelievable!! None of my favorite and usually fail-proof tricks seemed to work to gain me some attention, chicos. Oh no, no, no. They were all too busy chasing after those critters – playing with their toys, feeding them funny smelling “formulas” (that must be their secret power potion), giving them baths and talking in some strange language called “baby talk.” I have enough troubles trying to decipher human lingo. Now I was really lost.

And as for my Mama’s lap … GONE!!! Or should I say permanently occupied! Mi casa is NOT su casa, amigos!!

But the worst was the sleeping arrangements. No one seemed to be in their proper beds – my girl was on a couch, my boy on the other sofa and Mama kept changing rooms and going to sleep with the wiggly critter nephews. And I was unceremoniously shooed out of the rooms and left to sleep on the doggie bed! What?!?! No warm Mama to cuddle with?! Noooooooooooo …

Well, now they have moved on to the next part of their “visit” – the beach. I mean the nephew critters were cute – giggles, squeals and all – but I need my planet back to normal – where I am the princess AND in charge! Hrmph!! Mama was a little sad when they left, but I was not entirely sorry to see their humans come back to get them and ALL their gear. Heh, heh, their mothership was bursting at the seams when they pulled away.

I managed to take a picture before they blasted away so I could report them to NASA. You be on the lookout, amigos!!

Mama's nephews

La Chihuahua almost got in BIG trouble last night

May 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

Whoops, did I do that?

On last night’s walk, well, let us just say I didn’t behave very well. It all started out great when I got to see my favorite peeps – Skitch and Gen. It was a treat to be out there for a walk at the same time. Our humans all have different schedules so that doesn’t happen very often. We said hello, sniffed each other all over, and did mucho tail wagging. The puppies, that is. It was good to catch up.

But then things started going downhill when I started getting antsy and pulling away at my leash while Mama tried to have a conversation. That woman can talk! And it all sounds like blah, blah, blah to me anyway. Geeez, what could they possibly have to go on and on about for sooooo long. It was prime walking time!

So I started to tug and whine … tug and whine … tug and whine. A winning combination :•-) or at least usually effective. Well, this WAS meant to be a walk, Madre!

Next, I actually managed to pull the leash out of her hands and broke away when I saw another Chihuahua. Mighty beast that I am, sometimes I forget my own strength! Well, I just had to go say hello. Mama however was not happy. She squealed and came running after me.

Then I unfortunately ran into some of the bigger dogs in the barrio. And as per usual I got a little defensive. OK, OK, so I started barking uncontrollably. Mama said it sounded both like I was trying to eat them alive AND like I was being stabbed. By this time, she was mumbling things that didn’t sound very nice and tugging at me!

But just as she was about to give up on me and this outing, I saved the day. We were rounding the corner to head back home, when I saw it! My chance to get back in Mama’s good graces.  I spotted a pretty gift for her and tugged her (gently) right over to it.

She smiled. We brought it home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got lots of love. Even Tigger liked it. And as they say, they lived happily ever after 🙂

— • — • — • — • —

P.S. Just found out on Facebook that today is International Chihuahua Appreciation Day. Yippee!! It is fiesta time. I know I appreciate me 😉 Have a happy Saturday Pet Blog Hop, Chicos.

Special keeeesses from the Chihuahua Chica to all the Mamas

May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

It will be hard to compete for Mama’s love with our girl who is coming home from college today. Just in time for Mother’s day 🙂 But really, I am just as happy that I’ll have both of my girls now for the whole summer. My tail is going to wag right off from my butt.

So to all the Mamas on this special weekend, I send you all my love!

Chanel the Chihuahua slurps a Happy Mama's Day

And Happy Saturday Pet Blog Hop!!

Halloooo?! Where is the Chihuahua?

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

You might have Been wondering: Where is the Chica? She has been waaaaay too quiet lately. Is her mama out of town, again.?!?!

But worry not, my chicos. You WOULD have heard me complain if she had left me again! I’m good at that 😉

Nope, it is just that my Mama has been busy busy working on a children’s book – DBAdventures: Building a community garden. It is a story about seven great friends led by the very enterprising Daisy Button. These very gifted and talented kids believe that Anything is Possible and they set  out to make a difference in their community by starting a community garden and backyard market. Her project is up on Kickstarter, so check it out and share it!

She is making many colorful pictures to illustrate the story. For my part, I’ve been ever at her side, in loyal support (that is whenever I am not sunbathing near the sliding glass doors.)

The good thing is that she has been newly inspired by this adventure. And though I could not talk her into making me the main character, she and I may just one day cook up a story book! There are muchas ideas for that collaboration with yours truly! Can you imagine?! And I could add “author” in addition to “utter cuteness model” to my illustrious profile. And in what is sure to be one literary masterpiece, I could share some of my infinite wisdom with little chicas and chicos all over the world! And then … there IS the book tour, dahlings 😉 I’m ready to CREATE!

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