Springy chihuahua days

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Spring has to be one of my favorite seasons. We can finally ditch those awful itchy sweaters Mama thinks I look so “cute” in! (grrrrrrrrrrr) I’m a true beauty. I prefer to go au naturale 😉

“The Beauty 😉 and the Beach”

Mama has a renewed spring in her Spring steps which means more walks para la Chica. There is extra pollen for the natural spring cleaning (of the nostrils … achoo!!!) The birds and the bees and all the pesky lizards are out and about so I’m exercising my dulcet tones and springing into chihuahua pounce action “for fitness.”

Spring veggies, spring clovers, spring chicken (OK, so I’m interpreting with my tummy’s interests I mind. But I looooooove cheeeeeeekin!) What’s there not to like about SPRING. Get out there chicos, and enjoy. I say losing one hour of sleep is no problema. The extra vitamin E will charge you up. Arriba, arriba, vamonos!

My Kitty Cato is worried about his reputation

June 17, 2011 § 3 Comments

Oh, oh … I don’t theeeenk my Kitty Cato is muy happy that I exposed his love for me to the whole world. He says he has a reputation to uphold. I told him the world can always use more love and cuteness so he should just get over it and embrace his new image. Hey, it always works for me!

I also told him the ladies like a handsome chico who is also sensitive. For the real hombres, success in LOVE is about the balance of mystery, studly masculinity and that macho “je ne se quoi,” all expertly combined with just the right amount of sensitivity, attentiveness and generosity (ahem, bling, bling.) You mix up that right love potion and … BAM! … you tha ladies’ man!

Hmmm … I don’t know for sure if he bought my theory. I theeeenk he eeeez still plotting something. What do you think?

Close encounter with el Kitty Cato.

P.S. Happy Saturday Pet Blog Hopping!!

El Kitty Cato loves la Chihuahua, we have proof!

June 15, 2011 § 5 Comments

Tigger ❤ Chanel

Heh, heh, heh ... the beeeeeeg scary king of the jungle 😉

Though it may not always seem that way from some of my tales, I really do love my big brother, Tigger, aka El Cato. And apparently he loves me too. Heh, heh, heh, and now, he can no longer deny it. Mama stayed home with a bit of a cold and caught him giving me kisses. Here are some snapshots (evidence) of the tender moments to prove it.

You see, usually when the humans are away at work, we like to let down our guard and enjoy lounging carelessly in the warm sunny spot next to the sliding glass doors. Gone are the age-old sibling rivalries. Forgotten are the infamous animosities of “cats and dogs.” And that eternal struggle for the Alpha position of our pack? Well at least during nap time that’s on pause too.

Oh, Kitty Cato, you who like to give the impression of being aloof, inscrutable, fickle and wildly unpredictable. I know you have a reputation to maintain, but well chico, the jig is UP! Now the world will know that deep down inside you are a sweet lover boy.  But no matter, that does not lessen my admiration of you, big brother. Deep inside, La Chica loves you too.

Have you hugged your cato today ;o-) ? Spread the love. It just feels good.

A Chihuahua neighborhood safari

June 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Deputy Chanel here, once again out and about on my regular neighborhood patrol. And I must say, the days here in Florida are getting longer and hotter. Ay, Caramba! Talk about dragging and panting. So to take my mind off the effects of the 80% humidity on my otherwise flawless and luxurious coat, I sometimes like to pretend I am on safari with Mom. Me, the great adventuress, exploring the wilderness … or the a rain forest (on sprinkler days). Hey, it is NOT such a stretch – after all, we HAVE had an alligator in the neighborhood pond!

La Chica on Safari

Spoonbill, on Wikipedia

I love to stalk through the “savannah” and sneak up on the exotic birds – you know, the occasional spoonbill, Blue Heron or Egret – so focused on their hunt for lizards that they don’t see me coming. Heh, heh, heh, they are awfully funny scrambling to take off when I run up behind them with my lightning speed and barking my head off – long legs, beaks and feathers go EVERY which way.

In my stealth mode I can also get the vantage position on the “great cats” of the southeast – OK, so here they are mere house kitty catos with attitude. But like their greater cousins, they often lounge on the “open plain” (driveways) baking in the warm sun. They are muy silly and sleepy so I can spook them and make them scram. Just like the silly squirrels that I catch snacking on their buried nuts. I like to stand between them and their tree and watch the little wheels turning in their nutty heads as they try to figure out how they’ll get around me to scoot up to safety. I am such an imposing adversary.

But mostly, on our excursions, Mama and I focus on the flora rather than the fauna. This week we have the Crepe Myrtles blooming all over the neighborhood along with some stunning lilies. The beauty of Nature never ceases to amaze.

A Lily, we think

Crepe Myrtles loaded with prettiful flowers

Ciao for now, chicos, ’til our next great adventure! And Happy Saturday Pet Blog Hopping!


Grrrr! That cheeky squirrel is back to taunt la Chihuahua!

April 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

So there I was, minding my own business and keeping a vigilant eye out for the gator threatening our otherwise peaceful neighborhood, when instead I spotted the dastardly squirrel. One of the evil rats with bushy tails that have taken residence in the big oak tree in the front yard.

But then, when I barked my objections at her intrusion on MY yard, she just looked at me with careless disregard! Like she had no worries at all – as my Mama would say, like “Pedro por su casa.” That despicable fiend just proceeded to munch on her acorn as if I was not there!

Then as I continued to bark my head off at the blatant disrespect, she casually sauntered across the front walk and climbed up on a small tree we have near the front door. But mind you, this was not an attempt to get away from my great fierceness as she should have, amigos. No, rather it seemed this was just an attempt to get a better look at me through the window. Ooooooo, it was infuriating of her to just stay there looking down at me as if making up her mind about whether or not I posed a threat. Hrmph!! How dare you?!?! I’d tear your fluffy tail to pieces, Chica!

The @^%! pest

Can you say, “here, gatah, gatah …” Oooo geez, it would be a shame, nay, a tragedy if that big ole alligator were to show up and … snap! We’d see who was laughing then. I might be stuck inside and presently unable to get you, but I’d be safe and sound from Señor Gator. Grrrrr … it would serve you right, you shameless pest. Now, get off my lawn and show some respect!!

Grrrrr, the despicable squirrel's mug shot

My daddy says maybe the squirrel wasn’t taunting me. Maybe she just confused me for a fellow squirrel and could not understand the strange language I was speaking. Oh, daddy!

Alligators?!?! This Chihuahua is shaking for real now!

April 9, 2011 § 3 Comments

For those of you who sometime envy la Chica and her leisurely life here in sunny Florida, I am here to tell you, it comes with certain risks! Mama was going off to work today when she spotted this little message casually posted on the community announcement board:

Tra, la, la ... just another nice day in the neighborhood ...

Seriously, in case you missed it ... an ALLIGATOR!!

What, no “don’t speed and be careful over the new ‘speed bumps'”? Or “watch for children at play and other ankle biters”?  Or, “don’t forget trash day is Thursday but be sure to look under your cars for unusual “yard stuff'”?

Sure, “next board meeting is on April 25th and top of the mornin’ to ya”?! Right?!?!?!?!? Helloooooooo! We are talking ALLIGATOR!! I say they’d BETTER get that trapper out here and PRONTO!!!

You see, we have a small pond in the neighborhood and several in the immediate area. And I guess spring IS the season for love even in the alligator world. So this is the time of year for a lot of gators “sightings” as they are on the move professing their love for one another. Funny thing about Florida though, is that a gator has to become a “nuisance”  – that is get big enough (hmmm … I wonder eating what?) AND “threaten” residents or pets – before a complaint can be taken seriously enough for the authorities to send a trapper.

“Seriously” enough?!?! This is an “Eeeeek,” “Ay Caramba!” and “Help! Get me outta here!!!” all combined moment if there ever was one.

So yeah, I don’t know about the rest of my peeps around the ole barrio, but I think until further notice me and my Cato will be sunbathing safely just inside of that lanai sliding glass door. Thank … you!!

I won't be sleeping a wink!

P.S. Happy and SAFE Saturday Pet Blog Hop 🙂 And to quote another famous chica, “There’s no place like home … There’s no place like home … There’s no place like home … ” Stay safe, amigos.

The Chihuahua questions the quirks of fate

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Cranky Chihuahua Exhibit A - Yesterday's meeting with Guinness the lab

Mama says I’m kinda cranky. She has actually accused me of being anti-social. I say, nay! I only feel the urge to bark annoyingly at bigger … I mean taller dogs. Those show-offs who like to lumber about and outpace me when they walk around MY neighborhood. I’m very outgoing, friendly and curious with fellow petites. But I don’t like to upset Mama or let her down. So I thought I’d dig deep into my psyche (though I realize this could take quite a while considering the enormity of my intellect) and honestly examine my seemingly fickle motivations.

Is my height a funny joke by the masters of fate. Was I intended to be as mighty as a lion? As noble a beast as a horse? Or as fearsome and awe-inspiring as a bear? Well, I certainly feel that way! Don’t get me wrong. I know and appreciate that I AM a perfect, if diminutive work of art. A marvel of precision and efficiency in machinery. A wonder of high technology.

But then I thought … could it be that I am really resentful about my “shortcomings”? Eeeeek, could I actually be feeling threatened? Am I just insecure and a bit jealous of other canines who might be trying to catch my Mama’s eye?

But no, Chicos! It isn’t like that!! I INSIST I am a champion of justice – descendant from a long line of fierce royal guard dogs. Like my forefathers, I am merely accustomed to the proper homage that my familia has been receiving since the time of the mighty Mayans. For goodness sake, Chicos! We guarded kings and queens of incredible civilizations, patrolled the inexplicable New World pyramids! Those catos and jackals once revered in Egypt’s pyramids toooootally lost their cool with the end of the pharaohs, while we remained members of royal families around the world for centuries to come. Chihuahuas are just looking for some modern-day respect.

Once I get a little respect, we all understand each other

Mama, to you I say, I am just misunderstood. I am simply proud and in charge! And any inconsistencies in my behavior are to remind others of my honorary stature. And because I like to keep all my peeps guessing – it adds to the mystery that is me and the effectiveness of my surveillance techniques.

So take any complaints to the BIG Guy upstairs. He knew what he was doing when he made me 😉

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