What’s a Chica got to do …

June 2, 2012 § 2 Comments


So by now, as in most households suffering from the condition, the empty nest syndrome has been alleviated at casa Chanel. Joy, oh joy, for sure! I was quite loca when my kids came home. First Ryan early in May, with some fabulous back scratching abilities to make up for his absence. He must have taken some new college course in the art of pleasing the Chihuahua, because I am in la-la-heaven. Then Dani, in mid May, always great at lounging and catching up on this season’s TV series which she’d missed during the crazy school/dance schedule. She needs her rest, and I need my long lazy hours of cuddling with her in bed.

But then, way too soon my princess bubble burst. First the familia left me, with some very nice Chica sitters, I must acknowledge, while they all went on a fabulous Western Caribbean cruise. Alright, I admit the necessary quarantine period to join them on the voyage would nave been out of the question for this princess. Pero, DANG!!! They even went to the motherland – Mejico! AND, they were gone for a whole week and didn’t even bring me back one stinkin’ frijol! Que pasa, chicos?

And now they are back, nice and tan, enjoying the summer and spending time with the college kids while many of my walks are falling by the wayside. HELLOOOOOO! I no theeeeek so, mis amigos. I WILL be making myself quite clear. You just wait for announcements on the 6 o’clock newscasts. I must remind them that La Chica is number one ALL the time, not just when we are lonely and missing the kids.

What’s a Chica got to do to get some respect around here.


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  • AYE says:

    Pobrecita la Chihuahuita….(try to say this, haha!)
    I feel your pain, Chanelita. I heard recently that Mama will be traveling to KC more times this year, being Dani’s senior year in college. Somebody in your family should start a petition to the airlines to allow cute (but usually VERY loud) dogs sit on board
    with their owners, as long as the dogs ARE silent! In your case, not possible Chica.
    Oh well, I still love you, understand you and miss you………..AYE

    • Dearest Aye,
      I miss you too!!! It has been too long since you visited. And though I hear that you are coming to the sunny State, I also heard you will stay in stinky South Florida. Que es eso?!?! Oh, well, (sigh with the big puppy eyes) I still love you and wait for you to come through my door any minute now …

      But do not worry! I am MUY aware of Mama’s plans to “live” a good part of this year at your house so she can see all of our girl’s performances during her senior year. But don’t feel bad for the Chihuahua, I am working out some “arrangements” (top secret plot) so just tell my sisters to make room, ’cause the princess IS on her way.

      Your Chica

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