Wait for me! This Chihuahua wants to go to New York City too!!!

June 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Mom has been speaking in hushed tones a lot lately and looking at me funny. She thinks I have not heard and figured out her little plan. Does she not remember my supernatural abilities – telepathy, mind-reading, persuassion? Come on Mom, if I can hear a single Cheerio drop on the kitchen floor all the way from the other side of the house, don’t you think I can hear you whispering key words like “trip” and “going.” Oh, and your “code” talk doesn’t work either. I can read you like a book. Woman, if I can sense when you are coming home even before you pull into the driveway couldn’t I sense you leaving BEFORE you go.

I know your girl is in New York City. I see you looking online at Broadway show tickets. Watch you making lists and checking them twice. I didn’t just get off the boat, you know!!

Now I am well beyond suspicions. I’m on full “con” mode! Gotta get myself on the packing list. I’m putting on all my powerful moves:

Chanel the Chihuahua trying to look pitifu

The pitiful - one of my most effective manipulation tools

Chanel the Chihuahua does the irresistible belly-flip

Killer move - the flip over oozing cuteness and helplessness

Don’t tell her, but if all else fails, I have a plan to stow away in her carry-on!

Chanel the Chihuahua diva all tucked in

Hey, I travel light. Heh, heh, maybe if I lay low and inconspicuous in her bag like this she won't even notice ...

Meantime, Mother, no sudden moves. I am watching you. You can fool me once. OK, maybe a few times. But I know the game is afoot. You can’t leave me behind this time with the boys! Sure I get all their attention, but they are no substitute for a girl’s vaca in the big city! Ahhh, the bright lights, the fab shopping, a delish deli on every corner, my fellow celebs everywhere. Girl, I’m packing my chic and hitting the town with you!


Another installment of: Chihuahua weekly love on the net

June 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

Photo courtesy of the Richmond SPCA

Not much in the way of news at home this week. For a bright, warm summer, we’ve been pretty low-key. Everyone is working too hard. But my devious plans for a serious intervention will have to be fodder for another segment. For now I thought I’d squeeze in a short “Chihuahua weekly love on the net” segment while Mom has a little keyboard time.


A group of 24 rescued Chihuahuas from the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA in California are being airlifted to the Richmond SPCA to receive a second chance for a happy life with new loving families.

Richmond, you are my kind of people!! Full story: http://richmondspca.typepad.com/richmond-spca-blog/2010/06/the-great-chihuahua-airlift.html

OK, this video is from last year but is it too cute to pass up. And World Cup fever is ON! Go USA!!! I’m rabidly rooting for ya!!!!

Other related video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJOOnGq3rPo

America’s Got Talent Chihuahua chaos!

Never give up, my fellow Chihuahuas. I see oooodles of misunderstood talent there. You are all rock stars to me!

On a more serious note my friends, don’t forget we have a great big catastrophe going on here in the Gulf of Mexico. Pray that we can somehow stop the oil and figure out how to clean up this mess. In fact, there is a big prayer vigil tonight on the beach: Healing of the Waters Prayer Vigil for the Gulf of Mexico. Check it out on Facebook!

For Chihuahua Wisdom, this is Chanel, the fabulous, intrepid Chihuahua diva reporting.

Happy Papi’s Day to all the Chihuahua dads

June 20, 2010 § 2 Comments


Coco is my daddy. This apple did NOT fall far from the tree.

Coco is my daddy. This apple did NOT fall far from the tree. I love you Papi!!


Dearest Papi,

I wish we weren’t so far apart from each other, especially on Father’s Day. Makes my tail sag a little to think I won’t be there to wish you a Happy Papi’s Day in person. So as I fetched the Cheerios my human Mom flings through the air in my morning ritual, I thought of you and how much you love to fetch your Wubby out by the pool. And sniff, sniff, I got all misty and inspired to write you this poem.

Ode to my Papi,
After whom I was named,
You are my Coco, I’m your Chanel,
Elegant and beautiful and destined for fame 😉

Ode to my Papi,
You stoic example of grace,
Never a peep or a whine of complaint
even outnumbered 4 to 1 by your gaggle of hens.

Ode to my Papi,
Though such chaos surrounds you, are always content.
Easy to please with a toss of your green squeaky frog.
Happy as can be fetching your beloved foot long Wubby wherever he went.

Ode to my Papi,
You may seem quiet and sweet,
But the thousand words in those eyes,
Scream “I love you” every time we meet.

And so I tell you today, but mean it everyday, I love you my Papi and send many keeeesses over your way.

Chanel the chihuahua diva uses her incredible powers of persuasion. "I'm ready for my close-up."

I love you Papi! Keeeess, keeeess!!

And to my human father, I love you big Daddy. I love dancing around your big feet when you cook in the kitchen. You may act muy macho like you’d never spoil the dog, but I know the chicken bits didn’t just drop to the floor by themselves. I love the way you carry me like a football when you pick me up ever so gently. I love all the extra blankets I can cuddle in on your side of the bed. Happy Father’s Day! You’re the best!!!

Introducing the Disgruntled, Suddenly Second Fiddle to a Chihuahua Support Group

June 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tigger, Chanel the Chihuahua's big brother

Catos of the world UNITE!

I’ve decided I can no longer sit by idly as the world sinks into total chaos. Surely what has happened in my household has happened to others out there. This spicy newcomer (yes you, Chanel) is added to the family and it is “forget you, cato!”  So I thought I’d start a group for “Big Brothers” displaced in their owners’ top affections by a usurping Chihuahua infiltrator. Yes, I was once king -“top dog” in a sense – of this household until this high-maintenance bundle of noisome yippiness (Mom would say “bundle of joy” but you know what I mean) walked in to our lives. In her exuberance Chanel has totally disrupted my carefully crafted environment of total respect and adoration for the ascended house cat. Though I think she’s rather wily, perhaps she innocently can’t help her fidgety constitution. But it doesn’t matter. The point is that she’s getting too much love.

So I’ve taken a page from a long time idol, “Frasier Crane,” and borrowed the high road upon which he tried so hard to live his life. The peaceful if inwardly seething approach to finding balance in the world by talking things out. And thus I say to all reserved, properly dignified felines out there who’s lives have been marred by the introduction of a shameless Chihuahua, I am Tigger Glynn, and “I’m listening.” Write to me here in the comments section and share your hapless stories. I will help give you voice and together perhaps we can find some comfort. We will overcome!

Hey! How come the pesky Chihuahua gets all the attention now?!?!?

June 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

Tigger the cat is not sure what he thinks of his Chihuahua sister

Tigger the cat is not sure what he thinks of his Chihuahua "little sister"

I’m not too sure about this arrangement. Before my so-called “little sister” came along, I got all the lap time, the belly scratches, the adoring kisses, and the morsels when turkey sandwiches were being made. Now this yippy (yes, though mom would deny it, I think my pesky sister is yippy!) intruder is trying to usurp my throne! Hey! I AM the king of this jungle, kid!!

“Yip, yip,” and she gets taken out. “Yip, yip, yip,” and she gets fed. “Yip, yip, whine, whine,” and she gets treats. It is only Cheerios which I’d hardly consider edible, but it is the notion that irks. Oh, and one whimper, and it is all the belly rubs, she wants!!!

And with all the attention this pest is getting, my all-powerful silent stares just don’t have the irresistible manipulative effects they once had. They have lost some of their umph! Don’t mess with the master, chiquita! For now, just know I’m keeping my eye on you, sneaky one. You will fall!!

Tigger, aka Señor Gato and Chanel the Chihuahua's big brother

What did I do to you to deserve a Chihuahua?

But, worry not, my feline enthusiasts, in the meantime I think I may have stumbled upon something to re- establish some order around here. If I position myself just right between her and the way to mom’s bedroom, I can make her shake and whimper. He-he!! I don’t have to do another thing, just be my imposing self and lay there “innocently.” Ha!! She has to call Mom to come and get her (picture my evil gloat here!) You’d think she was expecting a surprise attack or something, wink, wink.

I told you, chica. Don’t get too comfortable. You know what they say out there in the wild, “just when you least expect it … EXPECT IT!!!!

Chihuahua Wisdom’s new friends gallery

June 11, 2010 § 6 Comments

Dear friends, old and new, as you may have figured out, I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to post peeeectures. So I thought I’d start a new photo album here where I can show off snapshots of my beautiful peeps. Check ’em out!

Aspen has an idea

My new pen pawl, Aspen

Two new friends: Nadia's pups

Juanita - Chanel the Chihuahua's sister living in K.C.

New peeeeecture of my seeeeester Juanita in K.C. Mucho love, Sissy!

Tigger - Chanel the Chihuahua's big brother

I snapped a peeeeecture of my big brother, Tigger, when Señor Gato wasn't looking.

My peeps: Chanel the Chihuahua's family in West Palm.

Mi familia 🙂 From left to right: sister Lovey, my Mami, Cosita, sister Cha Cha, and my beautiful Papi, Coco. Keeeeeesses!!

Chanel the chihuahua enjoying a sunny spot

And of course, beautiful moi!

Amigos, you don’t have to send me the photos themselves. You can just send me links to your recent photos out there in the internety and I’ll add you to the gallery. I’d love to get enough pictures to make a whole album. So share the love and tell your friends.

We all know pets rock. We also know that one look from a loved anipal can make a pet owner’s day. So let’s brighten the world with some beautiful smiles! Let’s melt away all the stress of our hardworking humans with a good tail wag and some happy-to-see-you sneezes. Show your love to the eager paparazzi. Who knows, you may get some extra treats in the process.  (Mom, break out the Cheerios!)

Fur now, ciao, bellos amigos! Muchos keeeeeesses!

Chihuahua on double guard duty

June 9, 2010 § 5 Comments

Dastardly squirrel on the roofSo Mom and Dad are redoing the back porch. And well, lets just say that the scope of the project suddenly grew as many home improvement projects do, from just cleaning and painting to now include replacing all the screens of the enclosure. And never mind the fact that the humans are still debating paint colors (the house is starting to look a lot like a dalmatian with different test spots all over the walls.) The bigger deal is that in the meantime, the screens are gone and thus the lanai is off-limits to me and me and Señor Gato. No muy happy here.

And what does this mean? Well you know how curious nature’s critters can get when things change around their home surroundings. Now all these nosy neighbors of mine are coming around to check out the “goings on.” And they are not shy at all. Check out who I just caught spying from the roof this morning: public enemy #1, the dastardly squirrel, sitting there taunting me with her tail twitches and flickers. Argh!!!! Many indignant snorts and livid glares were exchanged.

Lizard infiltratorAnd then came this brazen infiltrator – a slinky and shifty lizard. The nerve!! This new antagonist just walked right up to MY sliding glass doors to confront me as if he now owned the place!! With all his posturing, tongue flicking and stuff. How dare he?!?!?!

Chanel the Chihuahua in a standoff with a trespasserOh, but  don’t worry, I stared him right down. OK, so in my case, I stared him right across but quite furiously. And he blinked first!

I think I’ll spend the rest of the day on increased patrols. And I’ll talk to el Gato about tag teaming on the effort. We are officially on double guard-the-lanai-from-intruders duty until further notice. Let us know if you see any suspicious characters or activities around the perimeter. This is serious!!!

Chanel the Chihuahua on guard dutyOh, and P.S.: Mom, I hope you know that all these extra guard dog shifts are to be repaid in Cheerios!

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