Chihuahua love “soup” for the soul (or the flu)

February 3, 2011 § 4 Comments

Chief Nurse Chanel is in charge

Mama has been home with the flu for two days. I feel bad for her, but secretly, I am not complaining. Though I’m missing out on my walks, we have at least compensated for that with lots of extra cuddle time.

So I quickly designated myself chief nurse practitioner. I cleared the bedroom of any other humans and beasties (no Cato, no arguments, heh, heh) to quarantine my sickie. And I have been ministering tirelessly for my patient both night and day. My secret? Chihuahua love “soup,” an old family recipe that has been handed down many generations. I like to serve this liberally. It isΒ MUY good for you!


Hourly dose of nose licks – If nose is runny (ick!), this can be substituted for chin licks. No need to get gross.

Naturally “heated” blanket – No need for electricity! Carefully arrange covers over the patient, resisting any feeble resistance – fever can make the humans a little delirious. Carefully positions self over patient’s lap. Do hourly rounds to evenly distribute heat over feet, tummy, chest, and head.

Bedtime stories – The long hours of bed rest can grow tiresome for all. Should you take a little nappy while on duty, be quite animated in your dream interpretations β€” lots of wiggles, snorting, whining, and pawing in the air. Makes the humans laugh and we all know happiness is the best medicine.

Restricted diet – Whatever Mama should not eat in her delicate state, I’m be happy to “help” out with. Just for the time being of course πŸ˜‰

Many looks of intense concern focused on patient’s forehead – The Power of the mind, as I have explained before, is infinite!

Modified game of fetch – When you are a small chica or chico, this can be safely accomplished within the confines of any queen-sized bed. Select a small,Β soft toy and smuggle it onto the bed. When the human’s eyelids start to flutter open, carefully place the toy in front of the patient’s line of vision coupled with the sweetest “begging” look you can muster. Don’t press the patient if they are not up to it too soon. But be gently persistent as eventually this activity is sure to lift the spirits, particularly when sprinkled with lots of Chihuahua spice – the secret ingredient.

WARNING: At the first sign of piggy or chickeny symptoms call in the Cato to take over. Bird and swine flus have been known to cross species and let’s just say my tail has all the curl this Chica would like and the chicken-do just won’t do on my princess noggin. El Cato, well, he’s a hairy mess already. No one will notice πŸ˜‰


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