Grrrrrrr! This makes the Chihuahua muy angry!!!

February 5, 2011 § 5 Comments

Chanel, the Chihuahua


Ok, you all know I’m an easy-going, fun kinda chica. There’s enough craziness in this world. I don’t need to add to that. My goal is to make my friends and humans smile and maybe brighten their day a bit. But today I must pause and voice a HUGE GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR at the “beast” who dumped a little Chihuahua puppy out of a car at a Colorado 7-11!!! Watch this disturbing story on

To the “human” and I use that term way tooooo loosely here: What were you thinking?!?!? The puppy tried to chase after your car. It could have been run over. It is winter, and a horrible winter season at that. What if someone had NOT been able to catch the puppy?!?!?! The fact that you chose a public place I hope means that you were “thinking” that someone would find the puppy.  That is all I can give you. What happened to the “humane” part of being human. Though this is something I’d dispute, isn’t that what separates humans from the beasts. I’m glad this is considered a crime in your area. I do hope you are found and brought to justice. THERE are soooooooo many alternatives. I don’t care how desperate you were. There is NO excuse for this.

I guess I’m extra irked because my gramma has been helping in the care of another little Chihuahua that was abandoned in a similar situation in Kansas City. A little fluff of no more than 3-lb. Chihuahua was spotted in a ditch by a highway nearly frozen to death. It is a miracle that someone spotted a little movement and stopped to investigate. She was emaciated and very week, and her beautiful lustrous eyes were in dire straights as her tear ducts had dried from the exposure. A kind soul rushed her to another kid soul, a vet, who volunteered his services and performed the necessary surgery to save her vision. My gramma reports that she is in a kind foster home, right across the street from her. She has been helping minister the eye drops she now needs on a daily basis.  But the sweet little NOEL, as she has been named because of the season during which she was rescued, has proven to be a truly gentle and loving soul. Grateful and loving to all of those who are taking care of her. She has put on some weight in her recovery and her lovely long coat is filling back in nicely.

PEOPLE, PLEASE!!!!!!! If you need help, FIND help!! There are soooooo many rescue groups, no-kill shelters, agencies and services out there. If you can no longer care for a pet, please don’t do anything desperate.

Anipals, on this Saturday Pet Blogger Hop, let’s help spread the word and the prayers that this kind of cruelty stop!!

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§ 5 Responses to Grrrrrrr! This makes the Chihuahua muy angry!!!

  • Sasha says:

    Sasha, the dachshund here. I knows what you mean. Some “humans” can be so cruel. There was one case here a few years back that a little dog was yanked out of a car window and thrown against a wall for barking at someone walking by. The dog survived, but had brain damage. It is just sad, sad, sad. And, it does give us something to growl about.

  • Sadly, we aren’t even surprised… Our Mama volunteers at a rescue agency, and this happens A LOT! Mama knows of two dogs who were put in a crate together, then the crate was tossed out the door of a speeding car.
    We understand maybe sometimes people cannot keep their pets. But even if you CAN’T find a rescue organization or shelter or something, there are other options! You could find somewhere SAFE to leave your dog, like a veterinarian’s office or a pet store, somewhere where people would quickly find him and care for him. Dumping a pet out of a speeding car? Leaving them in the woods? Leaving them tied up in an empty house when you move? These things are CRUEL!!!

  • There have been so many sad, tragic stories lately of animals of all types being disposed of as if they are garbage. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

    I just watched the video and am furious. How could someone do that?!

  • AYE says:

    Dearest Chanely, I feel like GRRRRRRRing too! I cannot watch this kind of cruelty. Instead, I try to help my little friends in need.
    Your new stepsister Noelle, is recovering fast. She is still under medical care and at her foster mother’s house (across from mine), my neighbor Carla, where she is loved to the max!!! She sleeps in bed with her at night and has come over to my house to play with your sisters Juanita and Panchita. The problem is that we still have lots of snow and it’s difficult to go out and play outside yet. But I go see her and spoil her whenever I can. Keep up your good work, reporting the incredible abuse to animals all over the world! Love you…Aye

    • My dearest Aye (to those not familiar, this is my “gramma,” my human Mama’s awesome mom),
      I thought so much about you when I saw this story. Thank God for angels like you and Carla. Muchos Keeeeeesses!!

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