New Year’s resolutions for the Chihuahua diva

December 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Chanel the Chihuahua

Ready for more fiesta, amigos?

Not long after the beautiful Christmas dinner and festivities and here my humans are already worrying about the new year and “resolutions.” Personally, I could do with a little more lazing about, holiday leftover feasts and the lovely nappings that soon follow. But perhaps there is something to this custom that I should explore. I’d keep mine simple. It would make is more likely that I stick to them. Besides I’d hate to over exert my delicate nature.

I could start with “take better care of myself.” That seems to be a popular theme. But who are we kidding. I’m perfectly adorable just as I am.

So maybe I could watch what I eat and mind my figure. Then again, I’d rather just watch what everyone else eats. It would be much more fun and I’d be helping my beloved humans out with their good intentions. Wink, wink.

Perhaps I could work on my interpersonal skills. OK, OK, so I already have my humans under my control. But there are always the dog sitters, visitors and friends to charm into more adoring fans. A Chica can never have enough of those.

I could make it a point to be nicer to my neighbors. Well, maybe most of my neighbors, but I draw the line at the dang squirrels. The guy next door just had his tree trimmed and now we have a bunch of displaced critters wreaking havoc in the front yard and scrambling over the roof disturbing my beauty sleep. I no happy with that!

Maybe I’ll should focus on daily meditations and relaxations. After all a relaxed Chihuahua is a much more agreeable Chica — less crankiness and grrrrrings. Oh, wait, I might have this covered with my six daily naps. Let’s see,  I already have:

  • The after-I-wake-Mama-up-in-the-morning-but-before-she-can-drag-her-carcass-out-of-bed nap – This little nappy also qualifies as special cuddling time. Mom is in a weakened state and is helpless against my cuteness and my wiles.
  • The after breakfast nap – after our Cheerios fetching session and all that cuteness and adorableness, I must rest and compose myself.
  • The before lunch snack nap – once I’ve turned over from my after breakfast nap, scratched a little behind my ears and batted my lustrous eyes at the sunshine.
  • After lunchtime snack nap – Dad says I’m a pest while he makes his turkey sandwich. I say it was in the fine print and I get snacks when he eats. But turkey does make me sleepy.
  • The tummy-full-from-din-din nap – This one helps with the digestion. And besides, Mama is tired from work and likes to lounge on the couch so I can’t resist a snooze on her lap.
  • And the during-the-evening-news nap – I must rest before having to arrange all the blankets just right so Mama and I can turn in for the evening. It is a lot of strenuous effort, you know.

Hmmm … I’m not making much progress here. Perhaps I’ll just insinuate myself into some of my human’s resolutions — extra exercise (walks!) and  more quality family time (belly scratches!!) — and call it a year.

OK, now it is party time, chicos!! I’m ready to start a Happy New Year conga line!!

Chanel the Chihuahua

... and muchos keeeesses!


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  • AYE says:

    Loved the new outfit!!!! IYour sisters are so NOT fashionable, even though, they got some winter outfits, just to go out to pee and RUN back indoors. My love to you and your human family for the New Year. AYE/Mami

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