Happy spring, Chihuahua friends

March 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

Not much to say. I’m just a happy chica today. Our girl is home and her slew of college friends are arriving in droves at tha house! I can’t contain my happiness – keep running around in circles not knowing which lap to go to next. More belly rubbing than any one Chica can take. But I’m not quite ready to share, so don’t get any ideas. I’m basking in all the LOOOOOVE.

Today’s Spring Break agenda:

St. Pete Beach photo - wegoplaces.com


Arroz y frijoles negros photo - Univision.com

  • early dance class for the ballerinas – you should see me on my tippy toes fluttering about
  • a stop at the Taco Bus – delightful soft pork tacos with cheeeeeeeeeeese
  • beach day – sunglasses, SPF, and people watching, this IS the life
  • a nice Picadillo, rice and beans dinner by the Mama with all the trimmings – Cuban bread, platanos, avocado … Ahhhhhh …
  • Maybe a movie and some gelato later.

What else could a Chica ask for! Hallelujah, I’ve died and gone to heaven. Adios for now, amigos!!


Chihuahua monster? I no theeeeenk so!

February 22, 2011 § 3 Comments

Why does Mama say “I’ve created a monster” when she looks at me sometimes? Moi? Her sweet, beautiful princess? Her angel?

My finely tuned squeaks – crafted to rival any soprano diva if you ask me – are merely used to remind her that Cheerios are a recommended part of my daily fiber allowance. You see, sometimes in the middle of our ritual Cheerio “fetching” she pauses to eat her breakfast and stuff. I’m just helping her stay focused.

The yips in the kitchen are to remind her when she is making yummy, scrambled eggs, that they are good for my lustrous fur coat. Same goes for fluffy warm rice. More fiber 😉 A little dollop for la chica goes a long way!

Then there are the gentle growlings I must sometimes use when she is trying to dislodge me from her lap. We all know how important my beauty sleep is. Every nap counts, amigos. Surely she is not thinking straight.

I gotta say, I’ve heard her call me things in her human tongue (with a cuban accent) that I don’t recognize. But I don’t think I’m going to try to decipher those. They don’t sound muy nice.

Hey, I AM trying to communicate! Heh, heh, does THAT make me a monster 😉 ?

Chihuahua family news installment: the BIG puppy caravan

February 19, 2011 § 6 Comments

Chanel the chihuahua watches TV

This story has been brought to you by Chanel, the intrepid Chica reporter (Now picture me reporting this story on the Today Show. What?!?! It could happen.)

So my two “cousins” – Oslo, the Great Dane and Asia the Siberian Husky – just got transferred from Virginia to Washington. But  NOT Wash., D.C. as you might think, I mean to Washington state!!!!  Their humans were in a huge pickle. How to transport two HUGE elderly dogs across country? Never mind the two toddlers with all their paraphernalia, the two cars and huge household to go along with that.

To add to this chili con carne, the big move had to take place in February, in the middle of the coldest, snowiest winter in decades!!

All the human parental minds in the family got together to figure this pretzel out (hey, anyone else starting to get hungry here?) Should they caravan over (well, more like down and across the south, then up the entire west coast) while trying to avoid the worst of the snow? Eeeek, by most calculations a two-week journey and no picnic. That’s like pioneer days, chicos.

Should they risk mild sedation and fly the pups over. Unfortunately, the mere distance and plane transfers of this journey would mean waaaaaaay too long for sedation. NO WAY to take such a risk. This is not a laughing matter, but may I point out this would not be an issue for a perfectly practical and diminutive pup like me. I ride coach, baby. Have purse, will travel. But back to my story.

Trains? Planes? Automobiles? As they say in my family, a tremendous arroz con pollo of a mess!

Well, they found an ace in the donut hole (hey, I’m trying here!) – a service that assigns a driver to transport the pups across country. But strangers? Kennels? Long road trip? EVERYONE was worried. Still it seemed the safest route.

So the human family arrived first. They got the kids and their furnishings there and set up to wait for their beloved cargo to arrive. As soon as they got their internet service hooked up, they anxiously checked their email for any word.

Heh, heh, so this is the “update” they received:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Having a great time. Been enjoying the sights. Here are a few pictures. Send snacks!!


Asia and Oslo

Cousins Asia and Oslo on their great cross country adventure

Piece of cake! Happy trails, Chicos!! Now someone pass the menu. I’m starved ;•-)

— • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — — • — • — • — — • — • —

Hey, I’ve got an exciting P.S. to share!!! We got an awesome note yesterday from tppc.tv., and I quote:

Hi There!
We like your blog! We are going to feature your for pet blogger support Saturday! Congratulations!
Your friends at TPPC.tv

OMG!!!!!!! Check out the post featuring yours truly! We are so honored (Mucho chihuahua shakes and tail waggings!) Hope we make lots of new friends.

So don’t forget to hop on the Saturday Pet Blog Hop wagon and enjoy some awesome musings from fellow pet lovers. Ciao, chicos!

Chihuahua Valentine’s countdown

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Is it too soon? I can’t help it! I’m a chica full of LOOOOOOOVE! I realize there are a few days yet before Valentine’s Day, but I just can’t wait to start spreading the love along with mucho keeeeeesses!  So here’s a countdown Valentine just for you:

Tails of Love

It’s the story of a lonely chica. She is looking for love in all the wrong places. Will Cupid finally find her heart? Grab your sweetie, fix some popcorn and CLICK to watch the movie 🙂

Heh, heh, yup, starring ME!!!!

Happy Valentine, Chicos! MUAHHHH!!

This Chihuahua moviephile LOOOOOVES Star Wars

January 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

So Mama and I are admitted moviephiles/couch potatoes. The thing is that we love to curl up on the sofa with a bowl of snackies to watch a good movie. And now that our girl is off to college, well Mom and I are best movie buddies. The boys just don’t get that much into this like us Chicas. We are simply suckers for romantic comedies. We’re love being on the edge of our seat watching a good mystery. We boo-hoo shamelessly through period pieces. And well, we can’t resist putting on a lively performance of our own during musicals. Of course I must confess I don’t really get all that is going on in the movies, but I totally understand my Mama and when she is happy I’m happy.

I’d say most of all, we love epic fantasy and adventure. From Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings to STAR WARS, we could (and do) watch these movies over and over again. We ARE the biggest fans EVER!

It about killed me when Mama went with the kids to that new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando and couldn’t take me. I’ll never understand why are pets not allowed  We’ve written to Mr. Universal about the issue and expect special dispensation any day now. I mean, Mama brought home Harry Potter wands, a time-turner, Hedwig and Norbert the dragon puppets, Butter Beer mugs, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, some yummy fudge flies and even a rain poncho since it happened to pour while they were there. I may not know what any of those things are really about but I DO know shopping. Imagine if I had been there to shop too!

Well today, one of Mama’s coworkers shared a link to these new Star Wars bobble heads! Heh, heh, I thought we Chihuahuas had the corner on the adorable bobble heads market but … Ohhhh … thaaaaa … cutenessssss!!!!!!!! Mama says I even look a little like the Yoda one. I think he is the cute little green guy. Heh, heh, “check them out, you must!”

Available from shop.starwars.com

Let’s see, we need one for Valentines Day and one for Easter. Then there is Mother’s Day and Mama’s Birthday shortly there after. One for Fourth of July (and why not, there was plenty of Rebel spirit and all that aboard the Millenium Falcon); these would certainly be better than candy for Halloween; and well, it is never too soon to start Christmas shopping. Seven fab gifts for Mama and I. Let the Force be with us.

To all my friends and family let me just say:

Hint, hint!!

New Year’s resolutions for the Chihuahua diva

December 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Chanel the Chihuahua

Ready for more fiesta, amigos?

Not long after the beautiful Christmas dinner and festivities and here my humans are already worrying about the new year and “resolutions.” Personally, I could do with a little more lazing about, holiday leftover feasts and the lovely nappings that soon follow. But perhaps there is something to this custom that I should explore. I’d keep mine simple. It would make is more likely that I stick to them. Besides I’d hate to over exert my delicate nature.

I could start with “take better care of myself.” That seems to be a popular theme. But who are we kidding. I’m perfectly adorable just as I am.

So maybe I could watch what I eat and mind my figure. Then again, I’d rather just watch what everyone else eats. It would be much more fun and I’d be helping my beloved humans out with their good intentions. Wink, wink.

Perhaps I could work on my interpersonal skills. OK, OK, so I already have my humans under my control. But there are always the dog sitters, visitors and friends to charm into more adoring fans. A Chica can never have enough of those.

I could make it a point to be nicer to my neighbors. Well, maybe most of my neighbors, but I draw the line at the dang squirrels. The guy next door just had his tree trimmed and now we have a bunch of displaced critters wreaking havoc in the front yard and scrambling over the roof disturbing my beauty sleep. I no happy with that!

Maybe I’ll should focus on daily meditations and relaxations. After all a relaxed Chihuahua is a much more agreeable Chica — less crankiness and grrrrrings. Oh, wait, I might have this covered with my six daily naps. Let’s see,  I already have:

  • The after-I-wake-Mama-up-in-the-morning-but-before-she-can-drag-her-carcass-out-of-bed nap – This little nappy also qualifies as special cuddling time. Mom is in a weakened state and is helpless against my cuteness and my wiles.
  • The after breakfast nap – after our Cheerios fetching session and all that cuteness and adorableness, I must rest and compose myself.
  • The before lunch snack nap – once I’ve turned over from my after breakfast nap, scratched a little behind my ears and batted my lustrous eyes at the sunshine.
  • After lunchtime snack nap – Dad says I’m a pest while he makes his turkey sandwich. I say it was in the fine print and I get snacks when he eats. But turkey does make me sleepy.
  • The tummy-full-from-din-din nap – This one helps with the digestion. And besides, Mama is tired from work and likes to lounge on the couch so I can’t resist a snooze on her lap.
  • And the during-the-evening-news nap – I must rest before having to arrange all the blankets just right so Mama and I can turn in for the evening. It is a lot of strenuous effort, you know.

Hmmm … I’m not making much progress here. Perhaps I’ll just insinuate myself into some of my human’s resolutions — extra exercise (walks!) and  more quality family time (belly scratches!!) — and call it a year.

OK, now it is party time, chicos!! I’m ready to start a Happy New Year conga line!!

Chanel the Chihuahua

... and muchos keeeesses!

This Chihuahua is now on guard 24-7! No more sneaking out on me, Mom!!

August 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Mom has done it again. And from right under my nose!! She is getting sneakier all the time. Somehow I didn’t figure it out until she was going out the door with her lame reassurances, “Mommy loves you” and “be right back” and then my favorite catch-all “Mommy’s going to work!” Listen, Chica, I figured that one out. I KNOW you aren’t going to work when those despicable suitcases come out. Though I appreciate that you are just trying to make me feel better, I won’t until you come back to me. I’m not muy happy at all!!

So you ask, how did the human manage to fool such an astute and even a bit clairvoyant Chihuahua? Well, this time there was a well orchestrated ploy, I tell you. And the whole family was in on it. You see, our girl had been packing for a couple of weeks and getting ready to go back to college. So that threw me off to start with. I was busy missing her already and wondering when she was actually going to leave since this went on for days. Moping and looking particularly heart-broken takes a lot out of me. And so as the days passed, I kinda let down my guard on Mom and got used to seeing suitcases around the house.

Then they staggered the departures, those devious humans!! Our girl left first with some of the suitcases. Mom took her to the airport so naturally I freaked out when they left with the bags thinking this was it! But Mom came home shortly thereafter saying “see, I didn’t go anywhere.” I was so relieved that I didn’t notice there were several icky suitcases still around. My Momma was home and that was all that mattered.

Then came the piece de resistance in this malevolent scheme! Mom started doing laundry mid-week. We innocently played our usual game of fetch the blue dude (there is a separate post on all that for details) while she folded the laundry into fun stacks for me to frolic and jump over. I thought everything was fine. My tail wagged ever so happily. Then Mom went to “put the laundry away” and I followed her into the bedroom a little tuckered out from all the playing. Plus that late at night, I was kinda sleepy already so I didn’t notice the casually discarded carry-on bag that was in the room. After all, it seemed there had been bags around everywhere for days, right? Yawn, I was ready for some good snoozing. Then …


The alarm clock goes off way early at 5:30 A.M.!!!!!

I crack one eye open thinking “you gotta be kidding, Mama!”

Just a quick cafe con leche and …

• .* ~ Poof! ~ *. •

She vanished!!!

Chanel the Chihuahua is suspicious of her humans

So here I am. Left to wait for her  to “be right back” from “just going to ‘work.’ ” Yeah, right!!

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