My Chihuahua Papi eeeez muy handsome!

November 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

My Papi, el handsome Señor Coco who is also destined for stardom, recently made an appearance in South Florida and was immediately spotted in the crowd and invited to model at an event. He didn’t even have to bat those pretty eyes of his. He eeeeeez just that irrrrrrresistible! It is in the gene poolz, you know 😉

So you are surely asking yourselves, “and where was the Chica then?” Well, this all happened during Mama’s last escapade to Boca Raton and Jupiter. Yes, chicos I was left behind (again!!!) while the humans went to visit our boy at college. MY boy!!! My favorite belly scratcher who is so far away and whom I miss so mucho. GRRRRRRrrrrrrrr

Anyhow, Papi tells me that the humans were having themselves a grand ole time down there — college football game, breakfast at a lovely little french bistro, shopping with the college boy.  Hrmph! Then on the last day, they decided to go to lunch at the chic Palm Beach City Place only to run into a street fair … for puppies! SEEeeee, they should have taken me along.

Anyhow, they found a cafe with sidewalk seating and settled down to dog/people watch, ooooh’ing and ahhhh’ing over the cute critters parading in their finest. My handsome Papi was on his best behavior at the cafe (that part is apparently not in the gene poolz because I am a muy excitable Chica!) when one of the event coordinators approached the table and asked if Papi would participate in the fashion show that afternoon. In his muy demure manner he consented and his human fans, new and old, were treated to an unforgettable show of elegance and finesse. Hello, Hollywood?!?!?!

I stole Mama’s phone and found some snapshots. Enjoy:

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This Chihuahua likes her novelas spicy

April 30, 2011 § 3 Comments

My mama is muy Cuban, but she is not a big spanish soap opera fan. I’m not sure if she was traumatized in her youth having to watch all of her abuela’s favorite novelas. Or if it is because life in this family is enough of a soap opera at times, so there is no room for more exaggerated drama in her life.

However, even she will admit that we have fallen in love with that El Monterey novela-style commercial
series, “La Hacienda.” FABULOSO! Move over, Telemundo. We can’t WAIT for the next episode.

My favorite dramatic moments so far are:

“Hija, you were sweeeetched at birrrrth … [long pause] … but eeeet was only for a second, and then they sweeeetch you right back. Let’s eat!”

“Fah-therrrrrrr, you cannot keeeep us apart! … No, no, son, eeeez OK. She eeeez hot! Now, let’s eat!”

Heh, heh, heh, they put in all of the best ingredients for a fabulous chica fiesta – the fiery tempers and tempestuous relationships … those soulful, significant looks (these make for awesome close-ups) … there are new relatives showing up at every turn … ahh, there’s lively, dance-y music … and in the end, mucho good food! “Let’s eat,” indeed!


So today, Mama and I looked them up on Youtube to we could share it with the familia, and it turns out that they have a WHOLE channel – – Yippee!!!!! – there is even a bloopers reel. Well, I just had to share it with you too, my chicos. So grab the chips and salsa, sit back and enjoy! Ole!!

And as usual, on this beautiful spring Saturday, have a happy pet blog hop.

Chihuahua Saturday Hippity Hoppity

March 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

Sheeesh, Mama has been waaaaaay too busy this week. Means more lap time for me when she is working so hard, but it also means divided attention. Not much time for her to help me with my great Chihuahua novel efforts here on the blog. I can’t afford to ruin my nails with all the typings, and it is not as much fun to do without Mama, so I’ll wait.

But it wouldn’t be Saturday without the Saturday Pet Blog Hop. So here’s just a leeeeettle something I saw on Facebook to make you smile:

;•-) Chica disclaimer: This film is meant for educational purposes only. Any resemblance to the real CHICA, living or virtual, is purely coincidental. Void where prohibited. Some love and patience is required. (Hey, I AM special, and thus special concessions must be made for my unique “personality.”)

Thank you gatiori for sharing this on YouTube. Mucho Keeeeeesses to all my chicos! Have a great Saturday!!

Get dolled up! It is National Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

Check out my National Dress Up Your Pet Day photo shoot a la Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi


I’m your biggest fan
I’ll follow you until you love me,


Shake that money-maker ...

Baby, there’s no other superstar
you know that I’ll be your


Work it ... Work it ...

Baby you’ll be famous,
chase you down until you love me


Aaaaaaaaand ... FLASH!! That


Now come on, chicos,
join the fun,
look at the camera

Share your pictures on my wall on Facebook. I can’t wait to see you in full sweetness and cuteness.
Muchos Keeeeeeeeesses 🙂

La Chica

Ruling the Halloween neighborhood

October 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

OK, so I must admit the neighborhood Halloween decorations threw me for the first week or two. But I sought some advise from my friends on facebook and was able to soothe my initial outrage. Us Chihuahuas can be a little defensive about our territory — it just takes a lot of work to establish the pecking order when you are shorter than the chickens. But I think I’ve straightened out who is in charge now — My increased patrolling and fierce hrmphing at the offending plastic ghouls have returned the barrio to a manageable comfort level.

Feature film: Nightmare on Dogwood street

You could say I’m harsh, cranky even. But it was only a few years ago that I found myself in a real “Nightmare on thus dogwood street!” I was a young puppy girl then. It was my second Halloween, but I had been too young the first year to appreciate the terror. But you can see for yourselves. Check out my feature film and beware!!!!!!!!!!!

Feature film: Nightmare on Dogwood street

This Chihuahua loves the cha-cha

September 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

Have I mentioned how much I love the dancey-dancey. I get that from my Mom. In fact, we have a ballet dancer (well actually two if you consider me and my tutu) AND a break dancer right here in our household. We’re very proud. You should see us all lined up on the couch watching our favorite shows –  Glee and So You Think You Can Dance! I love them! I even tried to put in a plug once to be a guest judge on SYTYCD.

I do have to say, we’re not all that crazy about Dancing with the Stars. I don’t think ANYONE needs to see David Hasselhoff doing the foxtrot. And my great-abuela would turn in her grave should Michael Bolton be allowed to desecrate the tango! But I’ll keep my eyes closed and think happy thoughts as their new season gets underway.

Back to our familia, we just can’t help our love of dance. It is just in the latin blood. I can’t even walk across the room without a rhythmic wiggle and with every happy tail wag comes a sashay of my toochie. I’m just build that way. And I won’t go into the wild and crazy dancing that goes on at the big Christmas party every year. But speaking “of in the blood,” check out this four-legged doing the two-legged merengue! Shake it, shake it .. You go chica!!

Another installment of: Chihuahua weekly love on the net

June 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

Photo courtesy of the Richmond SPCA

Not much in the way of news at home this week. For a bright, warm summer, we’ve been pretty low-key. Everyone is working too hard. But my devious plans for a serious intervention will have to be fodder for another segment. For now I thought I’d squeeze in a short “Chihuahua weekly love on the net” segment while Mom has a little keyboard time.


A group of 24 rescued Chihuahuas from the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA in California are being airlifted to the Richmond SPCA to receive a second chance for a happy life with new loving families.

Richmond, you are my kind of people!! Full story:

OK, this video is from last year but is it too cute to pass up. And World Cup fever is ON! Go USA!!! I’m rabidly rooting for ya!!!!

Other related video:

America’s Got Talent Chihuahua chaos!

Never give up, my fellow Chihuahuas. I see oooodles of misunderstood talent there. You are all rock stars to me!

On a more serious note my friends, don’t forget we have a great big catastrophe going on here in the Gulf of Mexico. Pray that we can somehow stop the oil and figure out how to clean up this mess. In fact, there is a big prayer vigil tonight on the beach: Healing of the Waters Prayer Vigil for the Gulf of Mexico. Check it out on Facebook!

For Chihuahua Wisdom, this is Chanel, the fabulous, intrepid Chihuahua diva reporting.

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