A Chihuahua neighborhood safari

June 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Deputy Chanel here, once again out and about on my regular neighborhood patrol. And I must say, the days here in Florida are getting longer and hotter. Ay, Caramba! Talk about dragging and panting. So to take my mind off the effects of the 80% humidity on my otherwise flawless and luxurious coat, I sometimes like to pretend I am on safari with Mom. Me, the great adventuress, exploring the wilderness … or the a rain forest (on sprinkler days). Hey, it is NOT such a stretch – after all, we HAVE had an alligator in the neighborhood pond!

La Chica on Safari

Spoonbill, on Wikipedia

I love to stalk through the “savannah” and sneak up on the exotic birds – you know, the occasional spoonbill, Blue Heron or Egret – so focused on their hunt for lizards that they don’t see me coming. Heh, heh, heh, they are awfully funny scrambling to take off when I run up behind them with my lightning speed and barking my head off – long legs, beaks and feathers go EVERY which way.

In my stealth mode I can also get the vantage position on the “great cats” of the southeast – OK, so here they are mere house kitty catos with attitude. But like their greater cousins, they often lounge on the “open plain” (driveways) baking in the warm sun. They are muy silly and sleepy so I can spook them and make them scram. Just like the silly squirrels that I catch snacking on their buried nuts. I like to stand between them and their tree and watch the little wheels turning in their nutty heads as they try to figure out how they’ll get around me to scoot up to safety. I am such an imposing adversary.

But mostly, on our excursions, Mama and I focus on the flora rather than the fauna. This week we have the Crepe Myrtles blooming all over the neighborhood along with some stunning lilies. The beauty of Nature never ceases to amaze.

A Lily, we think

Crepe Myrtles loaded with prettiful flowers

Ciao for now, chicos, ’til our next great adventure! And Happy Saturday Pet Blog Hopping!


Chihuahua Adventures: Puppy neighborhood association meeting

March 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

We had ourselves an impromptu neighborhood association meeting during today’s walk. And who can blame us. We can’t resist the urge to share the latest gossip.

And now for the board minutes:

Samson checking member ID's 😉

Have you seen Mr 1876’s new landscaping? Muy nice. I can’t wait to “explore” all over that flower bed!

Did you hear that Mr. and Mrs. 1745 have a loose board on their backyard fence? We can go visit Jesse anytime and no one will know! Partyyyyy! I’ll bring the Cheerios!

Cupcake is chairperson of the welcoming committee

Yeah, the bunnies have been looking for a yard to nest in again. Be on the look out! A whole bunch of them jumped out of the ground all of a sudden the other day and almost gave me a heart attack!

There have been various reports by the neighborhood watch committee about the pesky squirrels getting a little rambunctious lately. Maybe it is the spring, maybe it is the pollen. Do you guys have your despicable squirrels under control? Ours have gotten a little brazen lately. They’ve been throwing acorns down at me from the roof. Why I oughta …

Heh, heh, a meeting of the minds

Hey, did you guys notice Fluffy the poodle’s new hair do? No, don’t stare!! Ah …  rather unfortunate, I’d say. And this humidity is not helping. But thankfully, it will grow back out 😉 No, just wave and smile like everything is OK.

Ciao, bellos. Same time tomorrow then.

Whoops, how could I forget! Happy Saturday Pet Blog Hop!!

Ruling the Halloween neighborhood

October 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

OK, so I must admit the neighborhood Halloween decorations threw me for the first week or two. But I sought some advise from my friends on facebook and was able to soothe my initial outrage. Us Chihuahuas can be a little defensive about our territory — it just takes a lot of work to establish the pecking order when you are shorter than the chickens. But I think I’ve straightened out who is in charge now — My increased patrolling and fierce hrmphing at the offending plastic ghouls have returned the barrio to a manageable comfort level.

Feature film: Nightmare on Dogwood street

You could say I’m harsh, cranky even. But it was only a few years ago that I found myself in a real “Nightmare on thus dogwood street!” I was a young puppy girl then. It was my second Halloween, but I had been too young the first year to appreciate the terror. But you can see for yourselves. Check out my feature film and beware!!!!!!!!!!!

Feature film: Nightmare on Dogwood street

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