Chihuahua history, or how it’s been handed down to me anyway

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Ay, but where to begin with this lesson …

By now you have come to know me a little. And though I hate to drift from my favorite subject — me — part of my purpose in life is to share a little basic info on Chihuahuas. You know, for general edification, to enlighten humankind.

Chihuahuas, though small in stature, come from a royal, indeed revered line of canines. Cats may have had something going with the Egyptians, but we Chicos ruled in the new world.

As seen on

As evidenced in Aztec pictorials on pottery and drawings, Chihuahuas were considered deities, born to rule alongside the Nahuatl pīpiltin, the nobles of the Aztec kingdom. In some interpretations of the artwork, Chihuahuas were represented as being able to communicate with the Aztec gods. Just to check, I tried it out the other day. I said, “Hallo, God? Si, it is la Chica. Can we work out sometheeeg here so my Mama can do her “go to works” from mi casa? My heart is not muy happy when she is not weeeeth me. OK? OK. Gracias!!” I’ll let you know how that works, amigos.

As seen on

Recent DNA evidence appears to support evidence of the actual genetic ancestors to Chihuahuas, the Techichi, found in ancient graves all over Mexico. But as there is mucho controversy about all of this, and some doubt the origins and truth of this legend, as proof I present a short clip from the feature film, Hollywood Chihuahua. In particular, I would like you to pay attention to the segment at the ruins, where the wise chico, Montezuma (He is muy handsome. Oh, be still my corazon!) shared the history of our noble breed in this clip:

Ay, Caramba! Montezuma eeeeez un Hottie!!

This was very realistic and historically accurate as is the case with everytheeeng in Hollywood. But I digress.

Through a carefully researched ancestry tree, I have learned that our familia comes from the very court of Señor Ahuitzotl, the greatest king in Aztec rule. His loyal companion was not often mentioned, but he was el bravo, Quetzalcoatl, named after their big kahuna. But his little known seeeeester Juanita, was not happy with the macho mentality in the pueblo. So she packed up her closest friends, luxuries and all her bling and headed for the tropics to lead the life of a real Caribbean Queen! Salsa!!!

My immediate familia (minus a seeester or two)

Several hundred generations later, and a bit of a snag when we lost power to one hairy Señor Fidel Castro, la familia resettled in South Florida. My Abuela tells me that life in America was a bit of an adjustment in the beginning. We were a little lost in the translations. But that is a story for another lesson.

But suffice it so say that we colonized and took over most of South Florida. Chihuahuas are credited (at least by my Abuela) with establishing the Cuban settlement now known as Little Havana, in Miami, Florida. From my abuelitas Carmen Francisca Eugenia Maria and Inocencia Margarita Perlita Maria came my peeps – Cosita (la Madre), Coco (my Papi) and my mucho brothers and seeesters – all hailing from Jupiter, Florida.

And finally …. picture mucho fanfare here, please … came ME, the Princesa of St. Petersburg, busy these past 7 years conquering my pueblo here in Pinellas County and on the internets!

So now you know all you need to know about the smallest yet greatest dog breed known to mankind – Ay Chihuahuas!!


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