Review: Eukanuba specialty food for Chihuahuas

November 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Chanel the chuhuahua is full of chihuahua wisdomAs this Chihuahua’s owner/mom, I’ve always been pretty steady with the dog food I choose to give Chanel. All reported tidbit and snacks aside, we take great care of our tiny dog’s digestive well-being. It is a sad day around here when on occasion, our intrepid chica gets into something she should not eat and mopes around with a sore tummy. Breaks your heart.

Recently we were offered the opportunity to try out Eukanuba’s new Chihuahua Formula, and since Chanel has done well on Eukanuba since she was a puppy, we did not hesitate to test the new food.

The dry food packaging falls right in line with their well-recognized brand, showcasing an expressive Chihuahua. In my opinion, these dogs are seldom short on personality so they couldn’t go wrong there. And the sturdy package is easy enough to open.

But more importantly, the formula has been designed with specific issues that tend to affect this breed – joint problems, weight control and  sensitive digestive systems. As an owner of a Chihuahua, I can say these mini canines have no concept of their size and often defy their limitations without hesitation. They have great heart, if not such great strength, so finding a dog food that specifically supports their bones and joints is a must.

From the Eukanuba website, the ingredients list guarantees no fillers, and I like to know that the ingredient list is simple and focused on her health. Chicken and added sources of vitamins are the main components.

In the end, Chanel gave her new Eukanuba Chihuahua Formula the best testament herself. I know she is happy with her meal when she gets a little wacky and plays one of her favorite games with her food – the “toss and fetch the ‘treat’ ” game – showing she was excited and approved of the new fare.


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