Like Papi, like daughter

November 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

My Blue Blurrrrrr

For those who can’t understand my love (OK, make that OBSESSION) with my favorite toy, I can only say it is a complicated relationship.

I love him, even though I can’t stop gnashing my teeth at him or stop the urge to pound him.

But truly I can’t live without him, and I cry woefully if my chico falls and slips under the couch. Just ask Mama. I make her move all the furniture to rescue him from the dust bunnies.

Yet, I live to tear at him and his crazy blue hairs and bite him with mucho gusto.

He is my sidekick, even while he is also La Super Chica’s ultimate Nemesis, the Blue Blur.

So how can I explain this love-hate relationship? Well, I could just say that it is a chica’s prerogative to be fickle. But the truth is it seems to be in the gene poolz. Proof? Meet my Papi’s Flea:

Papi's bestest friend, Señor Flea

My handsome Papi

It is very much the same for them. Papi brings Señor Flea over to visitors and begs them to play with him. Then he growls and tears him up. He loves to play tug-of-war with the hairy beastie. Throws it up in the air, catches it in his powerful fearsome jaws and shakes the stuffing out of it. Papi even tries to drown Señor Flea in the pool. Mama says she had to fish it out of the pool filter, all soggy and full of water bugs, the last time she was visiting. But if ANYONE tries to mess with Papi’s Señor Flea, WATCH OUT for the ferocious defender my mighty Papi will turn into!

So yes, in this familia we make inseparable if unlikely amigos. Magnifico duos! We are passionate chihuahuas, slaves to the inexplicable attraction to opposites. For me, I can’t help myself, and besides, I don’t want to. Banzaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, chicos!!!


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