La Chihuahua, a little chubby? I beg to differ!

November 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Perfection, I tell you!

So I went to the Vet today and left in a big huff. Hard to believe, I know, from such an easy-going Chica like me. But let me tell you what happened and YOU be the judge.

I was due for my yearly check up and vaccinations, so Mama bundled me up and off we went to the Vet’s office. Never my favorite, but I was determined to get through it with dignity. Don’t get me wrong. Dr. B is a pretty nice guy, but all the poking and prodding that comes with the territory makes the chica muy cranky.

But I was wearing my best collar, pink and shiny. And Mama had just given me a bath a couple of days ago so I was fresh and fluffy. With the natural gleam in my eyes, I was the perfect specimen of the greatest dog breed on the planet, the Chihuahua.

When suddenly, I hear them talking over my head and Dr. B. starts to insinuate that I am a little bit “chunky.” QUE?!?!?! I protested. I am NOT chubby, Señor! I am a healthy, curvalicious latina chica!

Then the doctor started giving Mama some mumbo jumbo information about how giving pets treats is a psychological farce. He said humans tell themselves they do it out of guilt because they are eating and feel they must share. Others feel their pets are like their children and they like to spoil them, just a little. Some simply think that treats make their pets happy (I like those people). But Dr. B and some fancy-schmancy psychologist he heard speak at a conference believe that it is nothing but instant gratification … for the HUMAN!!!! That there is no bonding or reinforcement benefit to the pet!

So, wait. First he calls me fat and THEN he tells my Mama that giving me treats is actually hurting me?!?! How DARE he mess around with my precious bits of turkey from Dad’s sandwiches; or with my tender morsels of chicken and my fluffy tidbits of rice when Mama is making dinner. Or the Taco Night cheeeeeeeese?!?!?! Are you crrrrrazzzzzy, chico?

He may have the medical degree, but he eeeeez not muy smart. I can guarantee that you can get a lot more ahem cooperation from this chica with the proper incentive!

So Mama, I am game for the extra walks and exercise. We can all use those. But don’t you forget, every little bit of me IS full of goodness for you to love. So pack my baby carrot sticks, Chica!!


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