A sweet, delightful morsel to go with your morning coffee

November 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

I know, I know. I’m just delicious 🙂

Muy yummy Chica

Aren’t you glad I’m back in your lives? I missed you too. Not being able to stay in touch on this blog was torture for all of us, wasn’t it. But I AM back in charge now. So no more problema, chicos.

Now since I’ve been away for a while, I would like to review why La Chica (that eeeeeeez me) is muy special and recommended for your heart health:

  • I’m cute. Not up for discussion.
  • I am compact and easy to take everywhere. Have smart phone? I come weeeeth you!
  • I am high maintenance, but well worth it.
  • I am muy wise and have no problem dispensing my priceless advise.
  • I do get into some messes, but due to my size, they don’t amount to muy mucho.
  • If I do make trouble, I just turn on these big brown eyes and … “poof,” all is forgotten.
  • I’m sure to brighten your buenos dias.

For my part, I subscribe to the “good things come in small packages” philosophy. It makes my world go ’round. My zen zinging. Wouldn’t you agree?

So smile muy preeeetty and have a great Chihuahua day! Keeeeesses 😉

* * * * *

PS: I have not forgotten about the Chihuahua Photo Fiesta we started before my little disappearance act. (And we know who to send all the complaints about that to, don’t we 😉 )

I’ve put the ole thinkin’ sombrero on my precious little noggin’, and I’m figuring out how to liven up that party just a leeeettle bit so we can all have some fun. Updates to come soon. But first we’ll picante things up again at Casa ChihuahuaWisdom. OK, Chicos?


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