Happy Cuatro (fourth) of July!

July 1, 2011 § 9 Comments

My familia is muy proud to be celebrating this Quatro here in our adoptive country. Mama is first generation Cuban-American, and I’d guess I’m about 20th generation Chica American (who can keep track of my family tree?!?!)

But on this ultimate American holiday weekend, as we remember the some of the great leaders that helped make ours the best nation in the world, let us not forget the little guys that lent a helping paw in the effort. Let us remember that many of our founding fathers and illustrious presidents had great companions that served them faithfully as confidants and advisors. And no, I’m not talking about their first ladies!!

As shown on the PoodleAndDogBlog.typepad.com

Washington had Taster, Tipler, Forester, Vulcan, Madame Moose, Searcher and Sweet Lips. Jefferson had his Buzzy. Lincoln had his Fido and Roosevelt had Pete, Skip, Jack and Peter among many. And I’m just getting started with that long list of admirable quadrupeds. The AKC and DogNames.org, and Wikipedia have cool lists of presidential pets, sure to make you proud. Oh, and ahem, please note that there were not too many catos in the WH inner circle ;p I’m just saying …

So during this celebration of our great country’s birth, I propose we do a little “updating” of some of America’s monuments to reflect our appreciation of these quiet, lesser-known servants of liberty. No disrespect intended, but I’ve taken the initiative (liberty) of putting together some sketches below. Keep in mind these suggestions are merely meant to be symbolic of all great dogs. After all, I cannot take credit for all that makes our fabulous country rock! But I do believe a Chihuahua would be an excellent emblem of fierce loyalty and bravery.

Picture La Chica, as an American treasure

Imagine La Chica, as an American monument

Admire La Chica, as a beacon of freedom

Happy Cuatro of July, Amigos! Let us appreciate how fortunate we are as we celebrate this great nation and the freedoms it stands for. Let’s live it up … now pass the ketchup!!

* * *

P.S. And Happy Saturday Pet Blog Hopping!


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§ 9 Responses to Happy Cuatro (fourth) of July!

  • Stopping by on the blog hop today -have a great 4th with your furry friends.

    Have a terriftc weekend and thank you for sharing the chico wisdom with us today. Keep cool.

  • Penny says:

    omg as you read this i am probably still laughing. the photo with Lincoln is my favourite.

  • AYE says:

    From now on, the Chihuahuas will be better represented around the country’s famous monuments. I am lucky enough to have seen in person, the monuments selected here. Maybe next year’s selection will be fun to guess/suggest from the hundreds of people following this blog…..Keep busy Chica!!! Love you all…..AYE

  • intownsville says:

    Hello from Australia. We just found you when we worked out what tag surfer is. It took us 8 months to find the tag surfer button on WordPress, but we are Chihuahuas and it’s hard to hit the right keys sometimes.

    We love your monuments, you are so cool and way important! We are definitely going to unsubscribe to your blog and follow your wisdom. Maybe we can get our faces on the Sydney Opera House?

    Arnie and Siggi B
    The Dodgy Brothers

  • intownsville says:

    Oopsy, not unsubscribe – we meant subscribe. That typo was Siggi’s fault!
    Arnie B

  • intownsville says:

    WE are hunting for monuments to leave our faces on, so far we have just left a bit of pee on a few things around town.
    Arnie and Siggi.

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