Halloooo?! Where is the Chihuahua?

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

You might have Been wondering: Where is the Chica? She has been waaaaay too quiet lately. Is her mama out of town, again.?!?!

But worry not, my chicos. You WOULD have heard me complain if she had left me again! I’m good at that 😉

Nope, it is just that my Mama has been busy busy working on a children’s book – DBAdventures: Building a community garden. It is a story about seven great friends led by the very enterprising Daisy Button. These very gifted and talented kids believe that Anything is Possible and they set  out to make a difference in their community by starting a community garden and backyard market. Her project is up on Kickstarter, so check it out and share it!

She is making many colorful pictures to illustrate the story. For my part, I’ve been ever at her side, in loyal support (that is whenever I am not sunbathing near the sliding glass doors.)

The good thing is that she has been newly inspired by this adventure. And though I could not talk her into making me the main character, she and I may just one day cook up a story book! There are muchas ideas for that collaboration with yours truly! Can you imagine?! And I could add “author” in addition to “utter cuteness model” to my illustrious profile. And in what is sure to be one literary masterpiece, I could share some of my infinite wisdom with little chicas and chicos all over the world! And then … there IS the book tour, dahlings 😉 I’m ready to CREATE!


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