Shivering Chihuahuas want to know – What do you do on a stormy day?

April 5, 2011 § 1 Comment


Wow! I guess that glorious spring break is REEAAALLY over! Not only did our girl leave (sniff, sniff) to go back to college. But today we got walloped over the noggin’ with mucho storms. Once again with the scary thunderboomers, crazy wind, lights flickering … Ay, Chihuahua. So as soon as Mama went to work, I scooted off to my safe place – I went under the big covers and have no plans to come out until she comes back home from work! My strategy? Lots of shivering … closing my eyes … covering my ears and … La, la, la … Nope, I won’t hear anything …

It kinda works, but with all this time lying under here in my denial, I got to wondering about how all you chicos deal with the nasty storms. They seem to be cropping up EVERYWHERE this spring.

So I’m taking a rainy day poll:

Where do you go during a big storm?

A. ON the bed, under the covers (pretending Mom is there and all is well)

B. UNDER the bed (after kicking the infuriatingly oblivious Cato out from under there)

C. IN your own princess (or prince) bed, snuggled with your favorite toys and treasures for extra comfort

D. NAH, I love a rainy stormy day with a good thunderboomer show! Break out the popcorn!!

Whaddaya say, Chicos?


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§ One Response to Shivering Chihuahuas want to know – What do you do on a stormy day?

  • AYE says:

    Hola Chanelita,
    I hope your Mama is walking you on a regular basis now.
    We prefer option C, since our parents still work.
    We hear we will share some VERY SPECIAL time with you in May,
    since WE are going to Florida this time! Can’t wait for this!!!
    Love you, your sisters,….Juanita and Panchita

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