Chihuahua Adventures: Spring break sun bathers

April 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

While out and about with Mama this weekend, we observed that our college kids were not the only spring breakers basking and baking in the sun. The sandpipers and seagulls were quite busy on the shore; the dolphins in the bay were entertaining the tourists; and the turtles, well, they are out in hoards this time of year soaking in the rays. In fact, Mama had to stop in the middle of the road today to literally help a turtle cross the road. Heh, heh … She looked like she was a nutcase, trying to explain in pantomime her intentions to help the critter to the drivers behind her. This while running around a little discombobulated trying to find something in the back of the SUV to grab the turtle with. It was  big boy – about the size of a frisbee – and handsome, all in greens and yellows. But I’m glad to report, mission was accomplished and the turtle was off to his next adventure!

Mama didn’t have a camera with her today so we don’t have a picture of Señor Turtle, but here are some of the other critters we caught snapshots of this week:


Sandpiper on Pass-a-Grille Beach (this one is a little shy 🙂 )

Smile for the camera, Chico!


Turtles sunbathing by the pond near the house

A lovely photo of dolphins by Dempsey Ward, one of the spring breakers that came to visit us

Happy spring to all my chicos! But watch out for all the creatures out there trying to enjoy the nice weather.

Catcha latah! I’m off to do some sun worshiping of my own.


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