Chihuahua advice for the cat: hold on to your sheddings, Chico!! I’m just saying …

March 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Tigger, aka Señor Gato and Chanel the Chihuahua's big brother

What did I do to you to deserve a Chihuahua?

I'm just saying, Chico

The anticipation and excitement continues! While Mama continues with her frantic preparations for the much anticipated arrival of the spring breakers this weekend, there has been a lot said about a certain someone (heh, heh, the fickle Cato) and his shedding all over the furniture. Bad enough that we have tumbleweeds of Cato hair rolling around over the tile floors now that the AC has to be turned on in the afternoons. Mama is now threatening with a spring shearing 🙂 She says it is “all the rage in Paris!” Ha! But of course I know that tone in her voice means otherwise. I’ve been on the receiving end of that look once or twice. So I’m wisely scurrying around with my tail tucked into invisibility, keeping well out of the way of the flurry of cleaning activity and hanging on to all my hair follicles.

El Cato better watch out! He won’t be oh so threatening running around the house in his bare “skivvies.”  (Heh, heh, though I think I’d pay to see that.) And speaking of cute kitties you must see, OK, I must admit, this little guy is cute even though he IS a cato. Watch this video and meet the new little Cheetah cub at the Busch Gardens, Florida:

New baby cheetah video on

He hasn’t been named yet, but with all that chirping maybe Tweety would be appropriate.


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