Chihuahua love fiesta alert!

March 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Spring break is blooming in Florida!

Only two days until Spring Break!! And that means that our girl is coming home from college just to see ME!!!!! But if that was not exciting enough, this year she is bringing FOUR of her college girlfriends with her – all fellow dancers. I guess that is one of the benefits of being the family from Florida when kids go away to college. Mama is busy cleaning and stocking the refrigerator. Meanwhile, I am busy planning their itinerary:


Mid-morning: Big breakfast, including scrambled eggs which must be shared with the Chihuahua because “they are muy buenos for my glossy coat”

Lunchtime: Beach, Baby!! Don’t forget the Sunblock!  (And don’t forget to share the picnic cold cuts with the Chica who is looking out for you)

Late afternoon: Home for an excellent Taco dinner prepared by the Mama.  And while we wait, we institute the community belly rub system: rub and scratch the Chica’s belly; then pass the Chihuahua to the next available lap.

Evening: Girl movie night! Pass the popcorn and the adorable Chihuahua for noggin scratching.

Late night: Merriment and play fetch in the living room with the Chihuahua  – kisses are accepted as rewards for job well done.

Nite-nite time: We all need our beauty sleep. Chihuahua gets to play musical beds and take turns snuggling with everyone throughout the night.

Get ready for a hearty Chanel welcome home! I've been saving mucho keeeeesses for you!!






Re … you get the picture 🙂

Mama suspects that we might even have a few more spring breakers showing up when our boy’s friends find out we have a houseful of college girls. We expect a lot of them will be knocking on our door with feeble excuses –  “My mom was wondering if she could borrow a cup of sugar,” “Your newspaper was getting wet with the sprinklers,” or “Do you need your lawn mowed?” No problem, chicos. The more guests at this Chihuahualove fiesta the better for meeeee.

Welcome to the Glynn Inn, chicas! Mi casa es su casa!! Can’t wait!!!


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