Chihuahua family news installment: the BIG puppy caravan

February 19, 2011 § 6 Comments

Chanel the chihuahua watches TV

This story has been brought to you by Chanel, the intrepid Chica reporter (Now picture me reporting this story on the Today Show. What?!?! It could happen.)

So my two “cousins” – Oslo, the Great Dane and Asia the Siberian Husky – just got transferred from Virginia to Washington. But  NOT Wash., D.C. as you might think, I mean to Washington state!!!!  Their humans were in a huge pickle. How to transport two HUGE elderly dogs across country? Never mind the two toddlers with all their paraphernalia, the two cars and huge household to go along with that.

To add to this chili con carne, the big move had to take place in February, in the middle of the coldest, snowiest winter in decades!!

All the human parental minds in the family got together to figure this pretzel out (hey, anyone else starting to get hungry here?) Should they caravan over (well, more like down and across the south, then up the entire west coast) while trying to avoid the worst of the snow? Eeeek, by most calculations a two-week journey and no picnic. That’s like pioneer days, chicos.

Should they risk mild sedation and fly the pups over. Unfortunately, the mere distance and plane transfers of this journey would mean waaaaaaay too long for sedation. NO WAY to take such a risk. This is not a laughing matter, but may I point out this would not be an issue for a perfectly practical and diminutive pup like me. I ride coach, baby. Have purse, will travel. But back to my story.

Trains? Planes? Automobiles? As they say in my family, a tremendous arroz con pollo of a mess!

Well, they found an ace in the donut hole (hey, I’m trying here!) – a service that assigns a driver to transport the pups across country. But strangers? Kennels? Long road trip? EVERYONE was worried. Still it seemed the safest route.

So the human family arrived first. They got the kids and their furnishings there and set up to wait for their beloved cargo to arrive. As soon as they got their internet service hooked up, they anxiously checked their email for any word.

Heh, heh, so this is the “update” they received:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Having a great time. Been enjoying the sights. Here are a few pictures. Send snacks!!


Asia and Oslo

Cousins Asia and Oslo on their great cross country adventure

Piece of cake! Happy trails, Chicos!! Now someone pass the menu. I’m starved ;•-)

— • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — — • — • — • — — • — • —

Hey, I’ve got an exciting P.S. to share!!! We got an awesome note yesterday from, and I quote:

Hi There!
We like your blog! We are going to feature your for pet blogger support Saturday! Congratulations!
Your friends at

OMG!!!!!!! Check out the post featuring yours truly! We are so honored (Mucho chihuahua shakes and tail waggings!) Hope we make lots of new friends.

So don’t forget to hop on the Saturday Pet Blog Hop wagon and enjoy some awesome musings from fellow pet lovers. Ciao, chicos!

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