A little Chihuahua in a big world

February 16, 2011 § 6 Comments

chihuahuas in pearls

What would Mami say?

Mami (that’s her on the left) always said, “my leeetle chica, remember to stop and smell the flowers.” Great advice for everyone. Then again in my case, I have to stop anyway to climb over or run around most of the flowers that happen upon my path. I have low clearance issues. But we won’t go there.

Now, my human mom like most of the chicas in our family, is an admitted shutterbug — you may have noticed she loves taking my picture. It can get on one’s nerves at times, but love does overcome. Anyhow, back to my point, what my human mom and I love even more is taking a good look around when we are out and about and spotting the amazing little things that happen every day —  the details that often go unnoticed but are what make our world such a beautiful place.

So we thought we’d bring the camera along on our walks now that the weather is getting a little nicer so we can capture some of these small miracles. This could be mucho fun. From my particular “point of view” that usually means I get an up close and personal glance at some curious things. And if I should end up in a picture or two, well, all modesty aside, the chica will be more than happy to do my part and lend my beauty (heh, heh) to nature’s great masterpiece.

So here’s our first one. We’ve titled it:

Just for you, Mami!

Chanel stops to smell the flowers


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§ 6 Responses to A little Chihuahua in a big world

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