Sweet tip for this Valentine’s Day? Chihuahua a la mode!

February 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m still counting down to the big day!! How about you? Thinking of the perfect Valentine’s Day expression of love? Well, my dear Chicos, don’t skip the diamonds, the fancy French cuisine or the champagne! No self-respecting diva would suggest giving up such pleasures in life!! But to finish up a proper Valentine with flair, may I suggest

Chanely a la mode

Take one more that willing Chihuahua

Put favorite human — object of affection, main squeeze, in my case, the Mama — on the couch

Set shivering Chihuahua on lap, especially if it is a chilly evening

Warm the belly of said Chihuahua to a delightfully yummy temperature

Note that as the belly warms, the cool smooth top coat will cool

And voilà, you have Chihuahua a la Mode! Dig in for some deliciously warm belly rubs, perfectly balanced by chilled and crispy backside scratches. Finger licks will surely follow 😉
Best part: 0 calories, no trans fats, but loaded with MUCHO love!

Happy Valentine from Chanel the Chihuahua


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