Chihuahua smooshy face

January 28, 2011 § 3 Comments

Do you ever get smooshy face? You know, it is when one side of your face looks like you got half-off on a face lift. When your chin seems to have disappeared from under your lip. When you look like you have a split personality — once side is stuck looking like you are smiling and squinting while the other side is still sleepy and looking perplexed at your human wondering, “What? What’s so funny?”

No picking on the sleepy Chihuahua, please

Well, every now and then, when I’ve been sleeping on Mama’s lap awhile and I suddenly look up at her, she just starts to giggle and squeeze my face and babble on in her “Blah-blah” language. I’ve picked up on a few comments, none of which seem flattering:

Ooooooo, Chanelly (one of my many adorable nicknames) blah – blah – blah – so cute!   Blah – blah- blah- blah- blah- so funny!  Ha, ha, Chanelly, blah – blah – blah – blah – blah like a Smurf

I ask you, Amigos, you know how humans can get hat head, morning chicken do’s, and pillow-face. And we, noble sidekicks that we are, never poke fun or judge them – at least not outwardly. Well, I don’t think my Mama can contain herself and take that high road. My mama just gets a wicked kick out of my little, old, chinless elf face. I’ve heard names like Yoda, leprechaun, platypus and E.T. Oh, the jokes just never end. Mama has such a delightful sense of humor, doesn’t she.

And while she laughs and amuses herself, I’m thinking, “Oh yes, har dee har har … so funny. What’s that? You need me to move? You gotta go to the bathroom? REALLY?” Yaaaaaawn … Streeeeeetch. “What? You REEEEEEEALLY have to go to work now? Hmmmm … I’m just not feeling it. Talk to the paw ’cause the smooshy face ain’t listening!”

Heh, heh, look who is all happy and giggly now. Not budging, Chica!


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