Thought for the day: Staying warm

January 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

Ay caramba, Chicos! Que pasa with this cold?!?

BRRRRRR! Que frio here in Florida again this weekend! What gives?!?!?

Mom and I were shivering as we watched the morning weather reports. EEeeeeek! Those nice Today Show anchors were freezing in New York too and passing out hand warmers for the crowd. And it got me thinking, so if they can make little hand warmers that you can stick in your gloves, could someone get busy coming up with Chihuahua warmers? I’m sure I’m not the only Chihuahua that lives in a house with tile floors. And when the thermometer plunges like it did today here in Florida … Ay, Caramba (plus a few other choice words!) You try it, chicos!

The Snuggy that Mom got me kinda works keeping me warm, heinous as it may be. But it does nothing for my tender, um … well … ah, butt.

I could picture pretty little pantaloons with a stylish little pocket on the rear so we can put one of those warmers in to keep my posterior warm! I could even see a line for every occasion β€” sporty ones for walks around the neighborhood, stretchy ones to help you appear slim and trim, designer chic for social gatherings. The possibilities are endless.

I’ll be taking calls if anyone wants to partner up on this.


P.S. It is time for the Saturday blog hop. At least this is something I can do and safely staying warm. Grab a nice cup of hot chocolate, find a warm lap and check out these pet bloggers.


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§ 2 Responses to Thought for the day: Staying warm

  • Great idea you’ve got there. I may be a lot bigger than you but I feel the cold too.

    I found you on the Saturday blog hop and I’m looking forward to following your adventures.

    (Mum’s also following you on Twitter, she’s @lostandfond)

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