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January 14, 2011 § 2 Comments


Well, I did not heard much from my peeps on National Dress Up Your Pet day. I was really hoping to feature a few of my favorite pals in their fancy getups right here and on my Facebook page. Maybe folks didn’t get the memo. Seriously, I don’t understand. I never pass up the opportunity to primp. Let me share a little more about myself so you’ll understand my enthusiasm for getting fancy.

You see for this Chica Fashionista, the apple (or in my case, the sweet guava) does not fall far from the tree. As you can see below, I come from a line of ultra chic and cheeky Chihuahuas:

Here's my Mami with her impeccable taste and fashion sense.

And then there is my Papi and, well, need I say more about this born leading man?

I have a legacy to live up to, chicos. And when we are done with the fashion plating, my human Mom and I have a great time gnashing the offending garments and playing tug-o-war with the itchy ones. I even throw in some good humored GRRRRRing for effect.  Besides I get extra Cheerios for smiling pretty at the camera, and best of all, mucho love and keeeeeesses from Mom.

So in the end, it is all about good relationships between pets and their humans. If you feel your pet does not enjoy dressing up much, no worries, just don’t. Instead spend the time having fun and playing. The point is to MAKE the time. We are all just too busy, stressed and serious these days. What I hope this and every day promotes is awareness of that special bond that can exist between pets and their beloved owners. And perhaps even inspire some pet adoptions.

Share the love, amigos. Ciao!


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