Follow the sunny spot, find the Chihuahua

December 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

Mom says I’d make a good sundial. I say, WHATEVER! If it works, don’t knock it, Chica!

You see, there is a lovely high window in our family room. And as the bright Florida sun shines in throughout the day, we (el Cato and I) get to bask in the warm glow that pours in. I have been known to follow that sunny spot as it moves across the room through the afternoon. Personally I think of my napping style as a well strategized, energy-efficient, environmentally-conscious effort to keep this Chica nice and toasty. Plus it gives my coat some lovely highlights, au naturel!

So as long as Mama was going to document this, I thought we’d publish it as step-by-step “How to” for all the chilly Chihuahuas out there experiencing inclement winter weather. Maybe even as a goodwill gesture to all creatures, big and small during this Holiday Season.

Step 1 - Find the spot. Lie down and try to relax. Count squirrels if needed to help you doze off.

Step 2 - Snore, wiggle your paws and twitch your ears as needed. Reposition yourself at 30-minute intervals, and repeat. Reclining on a nice soft blanky to maximize the radiant heat is recommended.

Step 3 - Be particularly cautious near the edge of the couch and as you approach the arm rest.

Step 4: Employ plenty of deep sighs to equalize body temperatures if you can't quite squeeze all of yourself into the spot.

Oh, sunny spot,

oh, sunny spot,

how I love thee 🙂


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