The Chihuahua Diva says “I’m baaaaaaaaack … “

December 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

Well, amigos, it has been way too long. Mama has been way too busy with work, kids, etc. But I have just put my paw down and explained the needs of the world and my chicos to help set things straight for her. So I think our blog here can get back on track now. After all, it is Christmas time and we must spread the joy.

And what more fitting topic to start us back up than a great big declaration that

Dog simply rule!

Little dogs in particular, who are not hampered by our stature in our quest to be all that we can be. We are your loyal, fearless defenders. We are your loving, understanding best friend. We support your every mood and quirk with endless tail wagging. We never tire of your stories and adventures and would most willingly accompany you to the ends of the Earth.

Bonnie & Clyde, photo

Meet some of your heroes:

Heroes everywhere and a plenty— at home, on the streets, even in far away lands where there is war and conflict. During this season of giving and family, give your favorite furry friend a big squeeze and an extra pat from me.

Glad to be back with my friends. Mucho love!

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