Chihuahua vacation?

November 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

You may have noticed a few lapses on this blog. But it is not because I don’t love my chicos anymore. And no, I’m not jet-setting through Europe or galavanting all over exotic destinations ’round the world. You see, this Chihuahua’s family is going through another big transition – our boy is going to this place they call “college.”

Momma has been franticly coordinating the college tours, tests, applications, and oh, I don’t know, maybe even the color of his shoelaces! All I know is that our relaxing sessions of writing and surfing on the computer just don’t come around that often these days and I don’t like it!!

First, way too many little daytrips without the Chihuahua. What’s up with that?!?!

Second, when the humans are home, they have been way too busy and preoccupied for my fair share and daily recommended daily allowance of noggin’ rubs and belly scratches. Call the royal police!!

And finally, all selfish indignation aside, I’m going to miss my specials haunches scratching from my boy!! He knows all the tricks and itchy spots to get and keep me hypnotized.

I don’t know when it will happen. These humans, they never tell me anything!! But though some claim Chihuahuas don’t have a real sense of time, I do know our girl has been gone too long to this “college” place. And I DO remember how sad the house felt when she left. This college place must be very yucky. The parental humans seem a little confused about it – they get excited about it one day, and can’t stop complaining about it the next. All I know is that life at home is just not the same without my girl. Now my boy too?!?!?! I no seeeeenk so!

Does anyone know where I register my objections? I’m not taking this one quietly!!


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§ One Response to Chihuahua vacation?

  • AYE says:

    Pobrecita Chanelita!!!
    The “abuse” or lack of attention is probably NOT as bad as the infamous “Chihuahua revenge”, not to be confused with “Monctesuma´s revenge”. Aye is very good replacing your humans for a little while, and you can be sure I miss seeing you!! You will have Chihuahua company next February (your sister and step-sister), while all the humans are gathered in one of those “LOUD” and fast talking family reunions. Be brave my darling one…I know your pain.

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