This Chihuahua loves the cha-cha

September 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

Have I mentioned how much I love the dancey-dancey. I get that from my Mom. In fact, we have a ballet dancer (well actually two if you consider me and my tutu) AND a break dancer right here in our household. We’re very proud. You should see us all lined up on the couch watching our favorite shows –  Glee and So You Think You Can Dance! I love them! I even tried to put in a plug once to be a guest judge on SYTYCD.

I do have to say, we’re not all that crazy about Dancing with the Stars. I don’t think ANYONE needs to see David Hasselhoff doing the foxtrot. And my great-abuela would turn in her grave should Michael Bolton be allowed to desecrate the tango! But I’ll keep my eyes closed and think happy thoughts as their new season gets underway.

Back to our familia, we just can’t help our love of dance. It is just in the latin blood. I can’t even walk across the room without a rhythmic wiggle and with every happy tail wag comes a sashay of my toochie. I’m just build that way. And I won’t go into the wild and crazy dancing that goes on at the big Christmas party every year. But speaking “of in the blood,” check out this four-legged doing the two-legged merengue! Shake it, shake it .. You go chica!!


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