Chihuahua for a boss. Ready, muy opinionated and in charge.

September 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

This past Labor Day weekend Mom and I took some time off from the blogging, and the facebook and the twittering. I missed all my friends from the digital world, but I had lots of quality time with Mom and the family. And what I didn’t miss was Mom’s time away from me when she has to go to work. Barbecues are fun, but you have to love THAT about a holiday.

Hey, I do realize as much as I’m always lobbying for Mom NOT to go to work, she does have to have a job. After all, how else would she be able to keep me in the lifestyle this Chihuahua had become accustomed to – the toys, the treats, the pedis, and the pretty clothes I let her put on me just so I can wiggle out of them and tear them off and then thrash and obliterate them. All in a very dignified fashion, of course. But I digress.

See it is bad enough that Mom does have to go to her job so much, but occasionally Mom also has to get some work done at home. But what about precious Chihuahua time, you say?!?!? I know, I used to ask that all the time. I can’t live so love deprived!

But then Mom and I came up with a new business model, a happy compromise if you will, for when she does have to be on the computer here too. Actually, I proposed this nice little arrangement so I can make up for some of the lost lap time. For the “home office,” I’ve promoted myself to office decorator, managing editor, and chief of staff. I get to make sure I get primo office space – in order of appearance that means Mom on the couch topped with a fluffy cushion, precious me next and finally the laptop. A very ergonomic and feng shui layout – at least for me – it is muy comfy for my back and my belly. Then from my perch I get to oversee all of her work and share my humble opinions – all of them right, of course. And best of all I get to decide when it is break time (aka, treat time!) On this I am what you call the enforcer. It is for her own good too.

Chanel the Chihuahua and Mom's official assistant

Call me Chanel, Mama's chief of staff

Plus I must admit the perks that come with the job aren’t bad either. The laptop helps generate lots of extra heat to keep the lap AND my belly nice and warm. I get to check on my peeps on facebook between things. And with every coffee sip for mom, come belly scratches for the Chihuahua.

Chanel perks

Not a bad day's work.

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