Happy pet adoption stories you gotta read

August 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Bunny as pictured on Cleveland.com

Bunny as pictured on Cleveland.com

Mom and I did spend some quality time today, even if I could not sit directly on her lap because she was on her laptop. But on this rainy wet “weekend” morning, we definitely cuddled and gave thanks for each other as we browsed the internet and found these amazing pet adoption stories. A great way to start a good week.

From the Cleveland Sun Post-Herald’s Picture Perfect Pets we read the amazing story about Bunny the Kitty. This beautiful Kitty beat the odds in so many ways. And she is not letting anything stop her (except maybe the nasty vacuum cleaner, and I totally get that!) from living a full life now blessed with loving parents. Bunny, you are an inspiring chica!!

Pet goat and two dog pals on dallasnews.com

And then there was an update from dallasnews.com about the real life Homeward Bound story of a great dane, a goat and a three-legged retriever! I missed the first stories, but apparently, the inseparable trio did not only have the problem of being runaways trying to survive in a suburban area, but the Sheriff got into it citing some law that threatened to separate the dogs from their beloved goat because she was considered livestock! How dare he be so insensitive?!?!?! I almost choked on my Cheerios snacks when we got to that part. But the good folks from those part and a city commissioner got involved and they worked it out legally so all they could be kept on foster care and rehabilitated to be ready for adoption. And the stipulation for prospective new owners includes that Minelli, the goat now considered a pet, and her beloved dog pals, Judy and Lucky be adopted together! Come on now, the Sheriff should have known these three had something special going on when they were found wandering around the Alexander Mansion wedding chapel in Garland!!

Amigos, I just had to share some happy, feel good news. In a world where so many stray and abandoned pets do not get so lucky, we must celebrate every little miracle story and pray for more! Let’s look out for one another.

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