This Chihuahua is now on guard 24-7! No more sneaking out on me, Mom!!

August 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Mom has done it again. And from right under my nose!! She is getting sneakier all the time. Somehow I didn’t figure it out until she was going out the door with her lame reassurances, “Mommy loves you” and “be right back” and then my favorite catch-all “Mommy’s going to work!” Listen, Chica, I figured that one out. I KNOW you aren’t going to work when those despicable suitcases come out. Though I appreciate that you are just trying to make me feel better, I won’t until you come back to me. I’m not muy happy at all!!

So you ask, how did the human manage to fool such an astute and even a bit clairvoyant Chihuahua? Well, this time there was a well orchestrated ploy, I tell you. And the whole family was in on it. You see, our girl had been packing for a couple of weeks and getting ready to go back to college. So that threw me off to start with. I was busy missing her already and wondering when she was actually going to leave since this went on for days. Moping and looking particularly heart-broken takes a lot out of me. And so as the days passed, I kinda let down my guard on Mom and got used to seeing suitcases around the house.

Then they staggered the departures, those devious humans!! Our girl left first with some of the suitcases. Mom took her to the airport so naturally I freaked out when they left with the bags thinking this was it! But Mom came home shortly thereafter saying “see, I didn’t go anywhere.” I was so relieved that I didn’t notice there were several icky suitcases still around. My Momma was home and that was all that mattered.

Then came the piece de resistance in this malevolent scheme! Mom started doing laundry mid-week. We innocently played our usual game of fetch the blue dude (there is a separate post on all that for details) while she folded the laundry into fun stacks for me to frolic and jump over. I thought everything was fine. My tail wagged ever so happily. Then Mom went to “put the laundry away” and I followed her into the bedroom a little tuckered out from all the playing. Plus that late at night, I was kinda sleepy already so I didn’t notice the casually discarded carry-on bag that was in the room. After all, it seemed there had been bags around everywhere for days, right? Yawn, I was ready for some good snoozing. Then …


The alarm clock goes off way early at 5:30 A.M.!!!!!

I crack one eye open thinking “you gotta be kidding, Mama!”

Just a quick cafe con leche and …

• .* ~ Poof! ~ *. •

She vanished!!!

Chanel the Chihuahua is suspicious of her humans

So here I am. Left to wait for her  to “be right back” from “just going to ‘work.’ ” Yeah, right!!

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