Hold on to your caballos!

August 8, 2010 § 2 Comments

Zedonk (seen on ABCNews)

Mommy and I were enjoying our peaceful Sunday morning, sipping some cafe con leche, when we saw this amazing story on TV. Somewhere in Georgia, a zebra Papi and a donkey Mama got together and they made a Zedonk! A cute little princess with the muy chic markings on her lovely long legs. Check her out!! I can see this all over the streets of Paris this winter – zebra-stripped leggings and tufted earmuffs!

So this got me thinking. What would the world be like if we were to spread a little Chihuahua magnificence around. How about the mightiness of a jaguar and the sharp cunning of a Chihuahua. No chasing our food, we’d charm it right over. Move over lions, there would be a new queen of tha’ jungle! Rrrrrr … Or maybe a Monkihuahua with my nose for delectable goodies and monkey fingers to finally help myself to all the goodness.  How about a hoppity BunChi? Chihuahua + Bunny fluffballs that get to munch all day long. ChiBambis, (you get it, Deer + Chihuahua) not that I need to be any more irresistibly sweet. ChiLlamas, soft, cuddly and warm in the winter. Kanghuahuas, Chacoons, ChiFoxies, all sound very marketable.

Ahhh, or the ultimate match – a lovely Chiraffe!! Just think of how easy it would be for me to get to those Cheerios on the counter. And the fashionable spots wouldn’t be bad either. Con mucho style and a lovely diamond choker, ooh, la, la!

There can never be too much Chihuahua in the mix! Heh, heh! But you know I’m kidding. No need to mess with Chihuahua perfection.


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