Staying cool through the summer tips from the Chihuahua Diva

August 5, 2010 § 2 Comments

Don’t know about you, but I find the mid-summer weather here in Florida quite yucky. I know, I know, you’d say “but you are from the hot latin country, Chica!” The problem here is the humidity which does nothing for my smooth coat! Gurl, I just don’t likey the dampness and sweaties. Not my style. And I must never smell like anything other than spring blossom fresh! It simply doesn’t fit someone in my position.

A proper diva must remain calm, COOL and collected at all times. So I recommend some of my favorite pastimes to get through the summer heat:

1. Find a nice cool spot around the air-conditioned house and reach out to your pals. Give them a ring! Catch up on Facebook. Keep up on Twitter!

2. Napping. Bears may hibernate in the winter, but us tropical beauties can stock up on the beauty sleep when the heat is on.

3. Summer break movies with the peeps. While the kids are out of school or home from college, spend quality lap time enjoying family favorites. My favorites Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Legally Blonde, and Legally Blonde II, of course

4. Munching on the ice.  Mom slides one across the floor and I go crazy licking it and trying to pick it up. Ahhhh, very refreshing. Special treats straight from the magic cold food box (Mom refers to it as the ‘fridgerator) are also yummy. My favorites: baby carrots, little chunks of apple and blueberries. Does anyone have a good recipe for Cheerio popsicles? There must be one out there.

5. And, yes, a little dip in the pool as long as it is under my special terms, is delightful!

Take’s a look at some other anipal suggestions for staying cool! What are you doing this summer to stay cool?


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§ 2 Responses to Staying cool through the summer tips from the Chihuahua Diva

  • New Jersey’s humidity hasn’t been much better – the pool is even too warm. I’ve been hanging in the AC and the pool. It’s impossible to feel clean in this weather unless you never leave the AC.

  • COSITA says:


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