A new paw pal for the Chihuahua

July 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Aspen wants to play

My new bud, Aspen

Mom found me a new paw pal during her recent trip to NYC. Meet my new buddy, Aspen.

He is a handsome boxer who lives in the suburbs with his family – Mom’s friend Tracey (that would be Aspen’s Mama), Zack, (the little man of the house who would be Aspen’s human brother) and Jeff (the dad.) Aspen is 5 years old, but at heart he is forever a puppy. He loves to play with toys, particularly the stuffed and chewy kind. Aspen also seems to have no real concept of his large size. According to Mom, a sweet greeting from Aspen requires a bath soon thereafter – lots of big kisses and a large paw hug are inevitable.

But then since I have no concept of my smallness either, as a friend, I can coach him a little on the social graces. Like I always say, survival among the humans is all about lithe, precision movement, quickness of the mind, and perfecting the craftiness of the “sneak and scrounge.” Of course, if all that fails, then it is about always looking innocent when you do knock something over or eat something you shouldn’t. And in case my angelic looks don’t cut it, I cast doubt in my gato’s direction. Works every time 😉 You can look all hurt by the “accusation” and point sadly at Zack. A heavy sigh coupled with that mug of yours it should do the trick!

But back to the introductions. The more exciting news is that like my Mom, Aspen’s mom likes to write. And though Aspen and I won’t get much of a chance to play tug-a-stuffed-animal to pieces in “person,” I thought we could be awesome pen Amigos. So Aspen has agreed to be a contributor to my blog. I mean, the advice I have to offer IS invaluable, but I can that appreciate bigger dogs have their own challenges and approaches to the necessities in life. He can bring a lot to the table. Besides, he is awfully cute!


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