Introducing the Disgruntled, Suddenly Second Fiddle to a Chihuahua Support Group

June 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tigger, Chanel the Chihuahua's big brother

Catos of the world UNITE!

I’ve decided I can no longer sit by idly as the world sinks into total chaos. Surely what has happened in my household has happened to others out there. This spicy newcomer (yes you, Chanel) is added to the family and it is “forget you, cato!”  So I thought I’d start a group for “Big Brothers” displaced in their owners’ top affections by a usurping Chihuahua infiltrator. Yes, I was once king -“top dog” in a sense – of this household until this high-maintenance bundle of noisome yippiness (Mom would say “bundle of joy” but you know what I mean) walked in to our lives. In her exuberance Chanel has totally disrupted my carefully crafted environment of total respect and adoration for the ascended house cat. Though I think she’s rather wily, perhaps she innocently can’t help her fidgety constitution. But it doesn’t matter. The point is that she’s getting too much love.

So I’ve taken a page from a long time idol, “Frasier Crane,” and borrowed the high road upon which he tried so hard to live his life. The peaceful if inwardly seething approach to finding balance in the world by talking things out. And thus I say to all reserved, properly dignified felines out there who’s lives have been marred by the introduction of a shameless Chihuahua, I am Tigger Glynn, and “I’m listening.” Write to me here in the comments section and share your hapless stories. I will help give you voice and together perhaps we can find some comfort. We will overcome!


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