Looking for a dog? You might consider a green Chihuahua

June 1, 2010 § 3 Comments

From my comfy perch on mom’s lap, I get to see a fair amount of television. So I have observed that there are a lot of messages out there about eco-friendly products — vehicles, appliances, cleaning products, you name it. And this got me theeeeeeenkin’ that some of you may not know that we Chihuahuas come naturally equipped with many of these environmentally sensitive qualities you might me looking for. So it occurred to me that a public service announcement (and a bit of self marketing) might be in order.

So here’s my pitch:

Picture me, running through a field of daisies as an announcer with dulcet tones does my voice over  …

If you are in the market for a best friend, Chihuahuas truly are your green solution. Based on my independent little market analysis and comparisons, let me point out some key considerations:

Fuel-type: Food. I require about a quarter cup of quibbles twice a day. By comparison, take my neighbor Moe  — a handsome chocolate lab. Sweet, mild-mannered and very likely 75 pounds. Moe’s folks need to hire the neighbor’s teenagers to help them just to bring those 20lb. bags of dog food home. And the way he eats, that is way too often!!

cut away (briefly!) to a picture of sweet Moe

See, at 4lbs, I run mostly on love and energy absorbed from my naps in the sunny spot on the floor. Oh, yeah with an ocassional infusion of all natural Cheerios!

Chanel the Chinuahua contemplates a nap

Ahhhh, lovely spot for a nap

Cut here to a pivoting 3-d model of me slowly turning to show off my sleek lines …

Efficiency: Naturally, my emissions or “return” gifts to the earth are only one tenth of what larger models like Moe would come up with. And that IS a big deal in most neighborhoods, parks and green townships with pooper-scooper rules!

Design: As compact yet versatile coupe model with a lovely shiny coat, I am a  fast, all-terrain marvel of engineering.

Insert footage of me clambering to the back of the couch with a quick cut to me maneuvering around legs and feet under the dining room table at lightning speed!

Handling: Most of the time I anticipate your every thought. But if not, Cheerios always ensure quick response and help turn me around.

Maintenace: My compact belly region has less square inches to scratch (though in full disclosure, I might require, nay, demmand more belly scratches!) so that makes me more energy efficient for you and your arms. Plus my dainty carriage has less odor-causing square inches of fur so less baths are required. In fact the less the better if you ask me.

Now for slow zoom to a close up of me for the grand finale …

Bonuses: The benefits are too many to disclose in a 30 second commercial, but at the very least, I can confidently say that with a Chihuahua you get all the dog you’re yearning for at 1/4 the investment. With a fraction of the impact on the environment but a great impression on your life!!

Check your local rescues for your very own totally green marvel.



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